Live-Blogging the 2008 Emmys, Part 13

Woo-hoo, lucky number 13! Perhaps this will be the entry where I actually say something witty. Let’s not get our hopes up; I am sober after all.

Ok, Reality TV Host Emmy:

Emmy: Jeff Probst – wow! Kind of a surprise, but he’s been hosting Survivor for so damn long.

He doesn’t seem in the least bit surprised.

Mary Tyler Moore, there is no one like you. I loved watching her and Carol Burnett.

Has she always been that skinny?

Betty White looks exactly the same!

I also loved watching the Golden Girls because each of them reminded me of my very cool grandma.

Comedy Series:

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
30 Rock
2.5 Men

Emmy: 30 Rock. It’s a sweep! Fey and Baldwin, now this. So great!

Tom Selleck. The ‘stache is intact.

Drama Series:

Boston Legal
Mad Men

Emmy: Mad Men!  It’s nice to see the cast in real clothes.

Nicely done, AMC.

This season is SO much better, so my  beloved Lost has serious competition again next year.

Wow, an awards show that ends on time?

Overall, kind of a yawner and few surprises but I always enjoy seeing my favorite shows nominated and their casts and crew in person.

As for Lost, shut out again. Big sigh of sad face.

Thank you SO much to those who actually read these rambling live-blogs!!

Feel free to leave comments of your own with thoughts about the show and winners.

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Live-Blogging the 2008 Emmys, Part 12

Wow, I’m on entry #12?

This is fun and it certainly helps the three hours pass, but I’m starting to feel delusional.

Conversation with self:

Me; Hi, is this interesting to anyone but you?
Me: What, the Emmys or your blogs?
Me: Your blogs.
Me: No idea.

And we’re back to the show.

Hi Kiefer. Your name rhymes with reefer.

Actor in a Drama Series:

Byrne, In Treatment
Cranston, Breaking Bad
Hall, Dexter
Hamm, Mad Men
Laurie, House
Spader, Boston Legal

Emmy: Cranston! NO Way. This is a HUGE night for cable television. Good for him! Wow. Tim Goodman at the SF Chronicle is going to be SO happy. He has been rooting for Cranston for this win since day one.

I really wanted Hall to win for Dexter, but I think it’s great and obviously need to start watching Breaking Bad.

AMC is thrilled right now. It’s not just about Mad Men anymore.

Brooke Shields and Craig Ferguson. Riiight.

Actress in a Comedy Series:

Applegate, SW
Ferrera, UB
Fey, 30 Rock
Louis-Dreyfus, Old Christine
Louise-Parker, Weeds

Emmy: Tina Fey! Not a surprise, and she deserves all of these accolades.

Jimmy Kimmel. Where’s Matt Damon?

Oh crap, Reality Show Host time.  YES, we get it, it’s a new category.

Emmy: um really, announcing it after the break??

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Live-Blogging the 2008 Emmys, Part 11

The blaring sound of that the TiVO alarms you with when you’ve caught up with the program and fast forwarded through the commercials? Sadness.

Glenn Close, you complete me. Damages RULES.

Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie:

Fiennes, Gervais, Giamatti, Spacey, Wilkinson.

Emmy: Paul Giamatti. Duh.

LOL, anybody can play the president.

Um, you should thank your real wife too.

Hi Candy.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:

Baldwin, 30 Rock
Carell, The Office
Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies
Shalhoub, Monk
Sheen, 2.5 Men

Emmy: Alec Baldwin! Love it.

The king of comedic timing.

Tina Fey IS the Elaine May of her generation!

Vanessa Williams & America Ferrera. Not ugly.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series:

Glenn Close, Damages
Sally Field, B&S
Hargitay, L&O
Hunter, Saving Grace
Sedgwick, Closer

Emmy: Glenn Close!! YES!

Rent or buy Season 1 of Damages now. It’s quite original and compelling.

See…another victory for a veteran.

In Memoriam time.

No one applauded for Heston. Interesting.

It is always surprising to recall those who passed from the industry. Too soon, all.

Goose bumps hit at Carlin.

Sigh. See you in a minute.

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Live-Blogging the 2008 Emmys, Part 10

Don’t hurt Heidi!

What’s w/the orchestral version of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida?!

This just might be the most random-slash-boring Emmy show ever.

Neil Patrick Harris and Chenoweth, good duo.

Individual Performance in Variety or Music Program:

Colbert, Fey, Letterman, Rickles, Stewart.

Emmy: Rickles. This should be good.

Piven – laugh, g damn it! Or smile, show some respect.

OMG, Rickles is hysterical. The bit about his wife? Awesome.

Kate Walsh & Wayne Brady? Ok…

She might have the best cheekbones in town. The rest isn’t so shabby either. Would it be inappropriate to say meow? I hope not, because I just did.

Guest Actor in a Drama Series:

Durning, Morse, Platt, Tucci, Turman, Williams.

Guest Actress in a Drama Series:

Burstyn, Carroll, Gless, Huston, Nixon.

Emmys: Turman & Nixon

And there they are.

Directing, Drama Series:

Boston Legal, Breaking Bad, Damages, House, Mad Men

Emmy: House. I knew it. That episode was phenomenal (House’s Head).

Writing, Drama Series:

Battlestar Galactica, Damages, Mad Men x2, The Wire

Emmy: Mad Men. Very nice!

I think that Matthew Weiner won previous Emmys for The Sopranos.

Wow, are these live-blogs boring or what?

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Live-Blogging the 2008 Emmys, Part 9

Howie Mandel, stop.

MASH. I watched it when I was far too young to comprehend what was unfolding.

Oh & Dempsey. Nice.

I forget that Oh is Canadian.

McDreamy does have great hair.

Supporting Actress in Miniseries or Movie:

Atkins, Dern, Jensen, McDonald, Woodard.

Emmy: Atkins.

Kathy Griffin? BRING IT ON.

With Don Rickles?!

Is that a wig, Kathy? That’s a LOT of hair, sister.

LOL. OJ jurors. Wow, he’s on.

Reality Competition Program:

Amazing Race, American Idol, Dancing w/the Stars, Project Runway, Top Chef.

Emmy: Amazing Race. AGAIN. I do enjoy the show, but it’s won EVERY TIME.

I guess it’s amazing.

Sally Field. They DO like you, and so do I.

Miniseries: just give it to John Adams already.

Emmy: John Adams. There you go.

LOL, a Forrest Gump reference. So 94.

I’m just going to say it…not sure who I have a bigger crush on, Laura Linney and Tina Fey.

And I’m going to say this as well…WHY THE HELL IS HOWIE MANDEL A ‘REALITY’ TV SHOW HOST? It’s an f’ing game show.

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