The Great Grow-Out 08: 1 Month Update

Mere weeks ago I had a faux hawk, followed by some serious Wolverine action. Now a little over a month after embarking up the Great Grow-Out, I give you Flat and Feathered.

Apparently my hair is going through puberty; awkward growth spurts and an identity crisis.  Regardless, the girly girls at my office are having a field day with style and accessory tips, not to mention that I’ve received numerous offers for extreme makeovers. Um, thanks? Oh, and FYI, headbands are NOT for me. Not at this stage anyway. Yikes.

Recently, Jackie hosted a Head Shaving party to share the experience as she had her long hair cut and donated to Locks of Love. Every single man at that gathering (including her brothers-in-law and nephews, plus all of our co-workers and a few boyfriends/husbands) shaved their heads in solidarity; it was unbelievably touching and fantastic. So it is my pleasure to grow mine out for her, and the least I can do.

I heart Jackie, and she is making an amazing recovery from major surgery this week. Turk the Jerk (her brain tumor) is history.

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Comic-Con 08: The Photos

Lost and the Dharma Initiative. Heroes and Pinehurst (the new ‘company’). Dexter. Max Brooks and zombies.  True Blood and Alan Ball. The X-Files. The original Bionic Woman. Peg Bundy. The Middle Man.

If you enjoy any of those people, shows, books, characters, etc., click here to view my photos from Comic-Con 2008.

I may be exhausted, overwhelmed, exhilarated and overstimulated, but the experience far exceeded my expectations. I would like to truly thank those of you who read along or sent encouraging emails and Tweets; they really made me feel like I wasn’t attending alone.  And a huge note of appreciation to my brother-in-law John, who not only drove several hours to join me on Friday, but promoted the hell out of my Lost blog while collecting swag for my nephews all day. I had as much fun watching him in action as I did attending most panels.

Phew. Bring on SDCC 2009.

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Comic-Con 08: The Heroes Panel (with Photos)

Although my first love is Lost, I am a huge Heroes fan as well. Fortunately, the Heroes panel at Comic-Con took place immediately prior to the Lost panel, in the same venue. And because I arrived before dawn to secure a seat, I had a great view of the panel and screens for both.


The entire cast was on hand, and we were treated to the debut of the first episode of Season 3. In a word? Stellar. A vast improvement from last season, and quite possibly the best episode of Heroes since the pilot. There were essential ‘wow’ moments, as well as some comic relief.  They have really kicked it up a notch with regard to advancing the story and growth of certain characters. 


It was obvious that Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) were fan favorites, as well as James Kyson Lee (Ando).

I’m not comfortable posting spoilers, but I definitely encourage all new and current Heroes fans to have faith and tune in when it comes back in September. It looks like the journey and ride will be more than worth your time and TiVO.


I also picked up this exclusive Heroes comic (created just for Comic-Con), which I haven’t had time to read. I may put it up for grabs in a future blog contest…

And here is my a cool new toy for my desk, the Future/Present double-sided Hiro bobblehead!


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Surviving Comic-Con: Day 2 – I Want to Believe

I am running on fumes and will be getting up at 5am to return to the convention center to get in line for tomorrow’s Lost panel. HOWEVER, this was an unbelievedable day, and I will attempt to summarize while it’s still fresh.


  • At the Entertainment Weekly TV panel, I had the opportunity to ask the Lost exec producers a question live…which they answered. It was amazing and I stopped breathing for a time. More details on the other blog.
  • My very cool brother-in-law John, who was kind enough to join me for a day of insanity at Comic-Con while donning a new JOpinionated tee and collecting countless swag for his kids, was able to get me two autographed X-Files movie posters from creator/director Chris Carter and screenwriter Frank Spotnitz. Given that the new film debuted today, and that we all know how I feel about that show…I literally teared up with joy. One says, “Jo – the truth is out there” and the other “Jo – don’t give up!” [some people have life coaches or self-help books; I look to Chris Carter and JJ Abrams]
  • Running into USA Today Pop Candy columnist Whitney Matheson at the Octagon Global Recruiting booth. We met at a Pop Candy party earlier this year, and we bonded about her experience getting ‘tested’ by the Dharma Initiative today. I look forward to her party tomorrow night!
  • Meeting and chatting briefly with Katey Sagal, whom most of you know from Married with Children and Futurama. Of course I asked her about her experience as Locke’s girlfriend on Lost, and she was very polite and sweet.

Again, there was SO much more. But I don’t have the energy to PhotoShop or elaborate right now. I promise a full report upon my return home on Sunday!

Stay tuned for extensive coverage of tomorrow’s panel, which is the primary reason I’m here.

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