Where Am I? New Site To Bookmark!

It is time to face the music and address the obvious. I’ve been neglecting this site for far too long, despite great intentions to post more frequently here after LOST ended. 
There are two major factors preventing me from posting here.
1. I tend to share quick thoughts about TV, film and music on Twitter every day
2. There are several steps involved to post an entry using this hosting service
Both factors have one thing in common: time. Or lack thereof. 
So I decided to start using Tumblr instead. Not only does it only involve one step, I can do so from my iPhone and iPad with incredible ease. Here is my new URL for you to bookmark if you’d like to continue following my pop culture perspective: http://jogarfein.tumblr.com
I am not sure at this point what I will do with this site, but it will remain up and active (as will my Lost blog). And yes, I will be podcasting again…but I need an editor/producer in order to continue. Let me know if you have any recommendations!
Thank you for your ongoing patience! I hope to hear from you on tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or email. 
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