Now that summer is upon us and the regular television season is officially over, it’s time for me to focus on movies again. Here are a few of the more notable films that I’ve seen over the last few weeks.



I didn’t love it, but I was entertained. It was a Ron Howard film, after all, starring Tom Hanks, Mr. Safe.  If you haven’t seen it in a theatre, save yourself a few dollars and wait to rent it.



A conversation and relationship movie. Well written and featuring an impressive ensemble cast, but a rental for sure. You will find yourself distracted by Jennifer Aniston and Frances McDormand, playing women who don’t wash their hair in order to convince us they’re miserable.



I love JJ Abrams and Keri Russell; two very good reasons to see the movie. Trust me, you will enjoy a great action film despite its couch-jumping star.  



I have to admit that I geeked out a little during this one. Of the three, this is now my favorite. I’m not a huge comic fan but this franchise is very well produced and brought to life on the big screen. A word of advice for the loyal fans – stay for the brief, secret scene that plays after the credits roll.



A Prairie Home Companion

A Scanner Darkly

Lady in the Water

Little Miss Sunshine

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Nacho Libre

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Superman Returns

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Here are my long-winded observations and questions about last night’s epic season finale of LOST. You will notice that I tend to contradict myself on occasion, with theories all over the map; I have a LOST hangover due to lack of sleep, too much coffee, and too many hours contemplating a television show that has consumed my tightly-wound, conspiracy theory-loving, pop culture soul.


The name Widmore has appeared many times on LOST: on Sun’s pregnancy test and on the basket of the crashed air balloon, to name a few. We know that Michael worked for a construction company and rumor has is that it was Widmore Construction.


Was Widmore’s race around the world a set up for Desmond? Widmore did want him as far away from his daughter as possible and he had the funds to go to such lengths.


Did Mr. Widmore assign Kelvin to monitor Desmond?


Charlie’s behavior was strange. He seemed to be amused by discovering Locke crying in the jungle, and didn’t seem very affected by the explosion in the hatch. Was he infected way back when Ethan kidnapped him and left him hanging for dead? Did the explosion somehow cause short term memory loss? Does he really know what happened to Locke, Eko and Desmond? He’s always had a fascination/obsession with baby Aaron and Claire, just as the Others did…



After the electromagnetic anomaly that all parties on the island experienced (the violent bright light and noise), when Desmond supposedly turned that key, everyone resumed their day without mentioning or questioning it, as if it never happened. Only Claire seemed to remember it and asked Charlie questions about it. Why would she be the only one? Is she using the pneumatic injector that Charlie found for her? If so, do those Dharma drugs have anything to do with clarity and immunity to memory loss?



The Charles Dickens book that Desmond was carrying around, Our Mutual Friend, is about wealth and mistaken identity. Clearly a reference to the Widmore family, the Bad Twin script found on the beach, and a popular theory about twins/cloning on the island.


Was Desmond’s return to the island accidental or was he in cahoots with the Others? It does seem convenient that he reappeared just as Locke was having a crisis of faith about entering the numbers.


Do we know why Desmond was in prison before he embarked on his ill-fated race around the world? The obvious answer is that Mr. Widmore had something to do with it, to keep him away from his daughter Penny.


Desmond initials are DH. Any connection to DHarma?


Desmond’s full name is Desmond David Hume. There was a famous philosopher named David Hume, who was Scottish, like Desmond. Apparently Hume was influenced by another philosopher named John Locke. 



Does the statue of the four toed foot have anything to do with the fact that some of the Others walk around barefoot? Was that statue their idol/leader?


There is certainly a theme with missing limbs, so a missing toe isn’t that surprising: Dr. Candle’s left arm in the first Orientation film was prosthetic. The farmer that turned Kate in was missing an arm. The wife of Leonard’s (Hurley’s institution pal who originated the numbers) military friend is missing a leg. Do any or all of these have anything to do with the ‘incident’ referred to in the first Orientation film?


Is the foot statue a remnant from The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World? It was a giant statue of the god Helios. The word Helios is Greek for ‘the sun.’ We are familiar with a certain Sun on the island


Or was it part of the Atlantis, commonly referred to as the LOST Continent? The existence and location of Atlantis has never been confirmed, and that fits with Henry Gale’s assertions that no one knows where they are and that Michael will never be able to find his way back to the island once he leaves.


Or perhaps it was part of an underwater city that receded long ago. That may explain why an old slave ship (The Black Rock) wound up in the middle of the island.



They were speaking Portuguese. Significance?


When the guys called Penny Widmore, they said they found ‘it,’ not ‘him.’ Was there a tracking device on Desmond’s boat that was somehow activated or reactivated when the electromagnetic anomaly occurred?


One of the guys in the station looks alarmingly like Jack. Are the producers just messing with us or does Jack have a twin? If so, which one is the ‘bad’ twin?


Their scene in that station, at the very end of the finale, was the first to occur off the island and in real-time.



My top candidates for the leader of the Others:

Mr. Paik (Sun’s dad)

Christian Shepard (Jack’s dad)

Charles Widmore


I’m not convinced that Alvar Hanso exists, so I’m sticking with characters we’ve actually met.



We see Jack, Kate and Sawyer all get shot by paralyzing darts, but not Hurley. Was he spared, much like he was when he was released by the Others in the end?



Was Jack’s plan to get captured by the Others? Did the group agree to it after Michael’s confession? After Michael confessed to killing Ana Lucia and Libby, the group continued on without much ado. When Michael was taking off in the boat with Walt at the end, they all made very specific and lingering eye contact. Had Michael told the group about receiving a boat as part of his deal with the Others? Did he assure them he’d go find help and come back to rescue them? Did Jack inform Michael about Sayid out on the sailboat? Was Michael heading out to find Sayid? Perhaps this is why Hurley’s response to Michael’s confession did not result in the kind of rage we expected. Was he was placated for the time being by Michael’s willingness to help?



Was the blinking at the end between Jack and Kate an indication of a secret plan between them or just an acknowledgment of reassurance/affection? If the two of them do have a plan, it is clear that Sawyer is not in on it.


When Kate and Sawyer killed an Other who was following their group, why didn’t we get to see his face? I have a suspicion that he was Dr. Candle/Dr. Wickman.


Where did Kate’s binoculars come from? Why on earth did she have them at the funeral?



The man in the army who forced Sayid to interrogate his friend was Inman. Not Kelvin Inman, Joe Inman. Perhaps another twin? Either way, he provides a connection to both Sayid and Kate, because Kate’s dad was in Inman’s military unit.


Kelvin was ex-military and Goodwin had a military knife before Ana Lucia killed him. Is the island an abandoned military facility that Dharma took over for their experiment?



Is Elizabeth really Libby, or her crazy twin? Frankly, the Libby we see in the mental institution and the coffee shop with Desmond seems world apart in spirit and personality from the Libby we meet on the island and with Hurley.


Is David, Elizabeth’s
husband, Hurley’s invisible friend Dave from the institution, or a
figment of her imagination? Did she seem him with Hurley? Were they the
only two who could see him? If her husband was real, she said he died
after getting sick. We are certainly familiar with folks getting sick
and dying on a certain island. Was her husband part of Rousseau’s crew?
Maybe he bought Libby that boat so she could get her sea legs and want
to join him on his journey


It’s looking more like Libby is in on this whole thing, and she works for Dharma or Hanso. She was a plant at the institution, monitoring Hurley. She was a plant at the airport, giving Desmond a boat. She told Hurley that he stepped on her foot on the plane, and yet he was in the main fuselage section while she was in the tail section. Do we know for sure that she was even on the plane? Only the front fuselage section had the flight manifest, and no one has checked it again since the arrival and merge of Libby & company.



Michael admitted that shooting Libby was an accident, but he didn’t say anything about Ana Lucia. Was he asked to kill her? Gale knew that she killed Goodwin and told her she is a killer…but then again, Eko confessed to killing a few Others himself. Perhaps because he was a man of faith who apologized, Gale forgave him.


Michael’s forehead and hand look infected. Did the Others infect him when they injected him and told him they were taking his blood?


Are the Others letting Michael go because he’s not LOST anymore, because he found Walt? Before that plane crashed, he was an absent dad and didn’t fight very hard to keep Walt when his ex relocated across the continent with him. Perhaps the Others, who view themselves as the good guys, are somehow fulfilled by the sacrifices Michael made in order to retrieve Walt and deemed them both worthy of rescue/release.



There were several references to snow, including a snow globe. And we’ve already seen a polar bear on the island. Is the island inside of a dome, an experiment set in a frozen landscape? And if so, if Michael followed Gale’s coordinates to be rescued, does that mean he’d drive the boat to some kind of exit portal? By ‘rescued,’ did Gale mean released from the experiment?


The prehistoric-looking bird that swooped down over Hurley and the group is the first bird we’ve seen on the island. Kind of odd, considering that they’re supposedly in a jungle and in the South Pacific.


Does anyone else think that it was strange or question why Jin and Sun know how to sail?


Why is it that when the electromagnetic anomaly occurred, all metallic items (like the Dharma food cans on the beach) were affected but the Others’ guns were perfectly fine? Were they plastic/fake?


Is there anything to the fact that there are three very specific groups of survivors? The first is Sayid, Sun and Jin. The second is Eko, Locke and Desmond. The third is Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Will these trios play significant roles together next season? 



Henry Gale said he was taking Jack, Kate and Sawyer home with him. Is ‘home’ headquarters, the Question Mark area in the center of all of the hatches? Is that where the other kidnapped kids are?


Kelvin referred to the Others as the Hostiles. He worked for Dharma, so there must be two separate groups of Others. But which group are the scientists and doctors, and which group includes the children with dirty bare feet that don’t leave any tracks?


The Others are openly disdainful of Tom/Zeke. Henry Gale told the Losties that he was a nobody, and Ms. Klugh ripped on him in front of the Losties for removing his beard. Perhaps in season three we’ll learn more about the politics and relationships of the Others. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Others with very similar Lostie counterparts, personality and otherwise.


Do the Others wear disguises to distinguish themselves from their identical twins that are also on the island?



How did Penny know to look for an electromagnetic anomaly?


Does her father know she’s funding a search for Desmond?


Was the real Henry Gale employed by Penny Widmore to fly his hot air balloon in search of Desmond? There was a Widmore logo on the side of the balloon.


We learn that Penny had a fiancé. Perhaps she’s not looking for Desmond at all. Perhaps her fiancé was on Flight 815.



Crazy French lady Danielle Rousseau must be associated with the Others. There is no way that their leader, Gale, would be captured by one of her nets unless he was trying to get caught. Her net looked just like the ones that the Others had in their fake camp. If she really has been on the island that long, she has to know that her daughter Alex is alive and among them. Is it possible that her supposedly dead team/crew is actually the Others?



If the hatch did blow up, was the electromagnetic field destroyed? If so, will Locke become paralyzed and will Rose get sick again?


Did Desmond actually turn the key? Did turning the key just shut down the computer and electromagnetic system rather than blow up the entire hatch?


Charlie was still in the hatch when it supposedly blew up, and he survived. So Eko and Locke must have also lived.


When Desmond and Locke deliberately locked down the hatch to keep Eko out, why didn’t the fluorescent light that illuminated the map come on as it did when Locke was trapped beneath? It also failed to light up when Inman was making additions to the map.


After Locke destroyed the computer monitor, Desmond could have entered the numbers using only the keyboard.



So you’ve been torn from your father’s arms, kidnapped and put through seemingly traumatic testing. You’re told to hide in an open compartment on a small boat, which is docked right next to where a group of people are talking. You don’t hear/recognize your own father’s voice and take a peek? No. Even when your dad starts yelling out your name and jumps on board, it takes you a second to realize who it is. Why? Because you’re not you. You’re a projection of your true self or a clone/twin.


Skeptical? Consider that the Others dedicated a good deal of time and resources toward the capture and testing of Walt. They recognized his special abilities and Gale said they’d never let Walt go. And yet they did. Why? Because he’s been cloned or has a twin that Michael never knew about. Was Michael present at Walt’s birth? How do we know Walt’s mom didn’t have twins?



Jack and Kate work for Dharma and were never on the plane. Yes, we’ve seen them on the plane. But I don’t believe the plane ever crashed, so this fits (at least in my head). In the very first scene of the pilot episode, we see Jack in the middle of the jungle by himself. When he looks up, there do not appear to be any broken tree branches or anything else indicating that a body fell from the sky. He could have been placed in that spot (just as I feel everyone else was placed in crash mode after the ‘experiment’ started). We then meet Kate as she is walking by Jack in the jungle, and again they are all by themselves. Perhaps that last look they exchanged before the burlap sacks were placed over their heads was a wink-wink, nudge-nudge acknowledgment that they are in indeed going ‘home.’ Believe me, I know the clues indicating otherwise far outweigh this possibility, but it’s an interesting theory to absorb as we await the third season.

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I am not done. There aren’t enough hours in the day of a normal working person to ponder the mysteries of Lost. Here are the first thoughts I have about last night’s episode.



Why didn’t the Others have Claire on their list? Have they lost interest now that she’s had the baby?


Is Claire just going to accept the injection kit that Charlie supposedly found, and use it on herself and the baby? She trusts him enough now? It was just a short time ago that Charlie tried to kidnap baby Aaron.



Was the sailboat being drawn to the island by the magnetic field? Had Desmond tried to escape on it? Was it the boat he was originally on during his race around the world?



Eko mentioned that he had spent time in England. Of course this means there must be a connection to Charlie.


None of the remaining Tail survivors were at the funeral for two of their people. Rose and Bernard were nowhere to be found, and Eko chose to stay in the Hatch. Is there something to this?



Do we know for sure that Gale even left the Hatch? He certainly would know where to hide (i.e. the vents he went through to get to the computer when Locke was crushed beneath the blast door).



Are the Others interested in Hurley because of his connection to the numbers? Or because of his wealth (perhaps they need more funding for this experiment)?


Before last night, Michael had never called Hurley by his real name, Hugo. Do you think that Hurley noticed that too, and glared at him during Libby’s funeral because he’s on to him? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hurley kill Michael.


Regarding that Bad Twin script that Hurley found on the beach…does each Lostie have an Other Twin?



When Sayid was informing Jack that Michael might have been compromised, he said that fathers would go to any lengths for their sons. Something tells me this is leading up to Jack’s dad, who I believe is not only still alive, but on the island and perhaps the HIM, the feared leader of the Others/Dharma.



Why are the Others asking for Kate now? They already captured her but let her go once


Kate had discovered fake Other costumes and a fake beard in the medical Hatch. It’s now looking like it was a set up. Zeke’s beard looks pretty real. And Walt did say that they’re not who they appear to be



In last night’s episode, the producers/writers go out of their way to point out Ana Lucia’s last name on more than one occasion (Jack says it to Sawyer, Jack says it at her funeral), and yet no one knows or seems curious about Libby’s. She must be related to someone or something on the island.  



When Locke left the beach, was he heading back to the main Hatch? Is he so angry about the numbers being useless that he is going to blow up/destroy the Hatch and computer?



If Michael needed to lure Hurley to the Others, he could have shot Libby with that purpose in mind. But Michael hasn’t been around for a while and he wouldn’t have known about the budding romance between Libby and Hurley.


Were the Others really taking blood from Michael, or actually infecting/drugging him? Notice that they injected the needle into Michael’s muscle and not a vein. Are they trying to prove paternity? And if the Others know so much about Walt and Michael, why was Ms. Klugh questioning Michael about Walt’s childhood? She probably already knows the answers and took the blood to be able to prove it.


From what we’ve seen of Michael, both in flashbacks and on the island, is he really the kind of guy who is capable of murder? Of course parents would do anything for their children, but Michael wasn’t told he had to kill people in order to release Gale and bring the 4 Losties back..  



Is the deal they made with Michael a big set up? Are the Others asking for Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley because they know this group will have all of the firearms, leaving Locke, Eko and Sayid to fend for themselves and the rest of the survivors??


The Others told Michael that they could not go back for Gale themselves, that he had to do it. Are they afraid of something? The black smoke monster perhaps? The Others asked for four specific people, but not Locke or Eko. Both Locke and Eko have seen and stood up to the black smoke monster.


Was Ms. Klugh one of the images in Eko’s black smoke monster montage?


How do the Others know the Lostie’s full names? Do they have a copy of the flight manifest? Even if they were watching them on camera in the Pearl Hatch, it’s not like last names were thrown around down there in general conversation. Did Henry Gale figure out the names while he was being held captive in the main Hatch, and then send them on that computer when he was supposed to be entering the numbers?


None of the other Hatches are being guarded by guns, just the one in the Others camp. Why? Are the kidnapped children in there? Is that where they’re testing Walt? Is this the Hatch headquarters?



If Walt is truly being held and tested, he is not the one communicating with Michael on the computer. Was it Alex, who seems to be the only Other concerned about the well being of the Losties?


It can’t be a coincidence that in the same episode, Walt asks about Vincent and we also see Vincent deliver Charlie the heroin statue.


We know that Walt has some strange powers. Ms. Klugh asked Michael if Walt have ever appeared in places he wasn’t supposed to be. When Walt appeared soaking wet in the jungle to Shannon and Sayid, was he projecting himself from the location where he was being tested?


In Michael’s first flashback in Season One, we see Walt use his power to cause a bird to fly into a window and die.  Could Walt be the reason that Flight 815 came down? Did he make it happen??



Flight 815 never crashed. The plane experienced artificial, manufactured turbulence, and when the oxygen masks fell from the panels, each passenger put them on and was subsequently drugged. The experiment began. Obviously this group was specifically chosen, and memory chips implanted in all of them at some point in their lives were put into motion on the plane.

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Why, why, why?! I will never understand why networks move hit shows from their beloved and comfortable time slots. ABC is taking a huge risk by moving Grey’s Anatomy to Thursdays at 9pm next season. Grey’s is an experience; that rare television program that defines Sunday evening, the kind of program that we all need before facing the week ahead. Although I’m happy to see that the new date and time won’t conflict with my Survivor addiction, I doubt that this new timeslot will increase viewership and/or ratings. Frankly, I just can’t imagine rooting for George, hissing at Meredith, loving Cristina and looking forward to a Dr. Bailey diatribe that late in the week.


I was pleasantly surprised by the emotional depth of the Grey’s season finale. All season long, the show has been consistent and the writing fantastic, but last night the producers and writers really stepped up and delivered exactly the right ingredients to keep us obsessing during the long summer hiatus; it was poignant, compelling, revealing and frustrating.


If it were up to me, the show would be called Yang’s Anatomy, as Meredith Grey is my least favorite character. I’ve never been able to shake my initial impression of Ellen Pompeo as a Renée Zellweger doppelganger with an equally irritating voice. But Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang simply steals the show and every scene she’s in. I used to watch a very average HBO show, Arliss, just because of her. On Grey’s, Oh’s Dr. Yang is complicated, infuriating and very human; hers is the only story line that holds my interest without fail, and the only personality I find remotely realistic. 


If you need to reach me before fall, I’ll be the one on the couch with the Team Addison t-shirt.

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Yes, I am that dork. The one who bought Bad Twin, the Lost-related book by pseudo author and Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup (a.k.a. Purgatory). Of course I’ll report any pertinent information in this Blog when I finish the book. Until then, here are some thoughts and theories about the “?” episode


So Claire’s psychic is a fraud. What background information had he gathered about her? Did he work for Dharma? He ran out of the house, to seemingly keep Eko from coming in the house. Is he hiding something in there?

Eko discovered that the yellow plane crashed right near the circle in the grass above the Pearl Hatch, which he said looked like a drop target. Was it brought down there on purpose?

Why was Eko going to the U.S.?

Did you notice that in Locke’s dream, Eko’s brother was sitting atop that cliff in a wheelchair?


We know that there is some connection between Oceanic Air and Dharma. I think that everyone on Flight 815 had a Dharma representative in their life, working in some capacity on their behalf, ensuring that they’d somehow get on that particular flight:


* Ana Lucia was on the plane because she finished her security stint with Jack’s dad.

* Boone was on the plane because Shannon tricked him into coming to rescue her from an abusive boyfriend. Or was it the boyfriend who worked for Dharma?

* Charlie was on the plane because he was seeking a reunion with his brother Liam.

* Claire was on the plane because her Psychic gave her money and a plane ticket to L.A., to meet a couple he knew who wanted to adopt her baby.

* Eko was on the plane because that creepy blonde Australian dude Caldwell got him a fake passport.

* Hurley was on the plane because he was searching for the source of mumbling Leonard’s numbers.

* Jack was on the plane on a last-minute bereavement ticket. I believe that Jack’s dad faked his own death and was working for Dharma.

* Kate was on the plane because the U.S. Marshall was escorting her home to be arrested.

* And then there’s the mysterious Libby, who I believe was a Dharma employee placed on that plane.

* Locke was on the plane because the travel tour company wouldn’t let him go on the walkabout tour due because he failed to disclose his disability.

* Rose was on the plane because Bernard was taking her to find a cure for her illness.

* Sayid was on his way to being reunited with Nadia.

* Sawyer was on the plane because he was deported from Australia for head-butting the Minister of Agriculture.

* Sun was on the plane accompanying Jin on a business trip.

* Walt was on the plane because Michael went to Australia to pick him up after Walt’s mom passed away.  Or is it the other way around??


Right before Boone died, Locke was temporarily disabled with leg pain. He couldn’t walk, let alone climb up into the yellow plane. So he asked Boone to do it. And in last night’s episode, Locke could not climb up the cliff again, so Eko did the duty while Locke watched. Again. Is there anything to this?



What is it with left arms? In the first Orientation film, Dr. Candle has a prosthetic left arm. When the Others kidnapped Walt, they shot Sawyer in the left arm. And then Michael shot himself in the left arm.


Are all of the Hatches (other than the Swan with our Losties) abandoned because everyone but Desmond abandoned their posts and the Dharma experiment for some reason?




The Orientation Video was an old Beta tape but the original was a Film reel.

The man in the new Orientation Video used the name Dr. Mark Wickman, but he used the name Dr. Marvin Candle in the original Orientation Film. He looks younger in the Video than he did in the Film.

In the first Orientation Film, Dr. Candle had a prosthetic left arm. But in the second Orientation Video, he clearly has a normal left arm. Did the ‘incident’ he referred to in the original Orientation Film have anything to do with his arm? Or are these two different guys – twins perhaps? After all, the script that Hurley found is called Bad Twin

Is Dr. Candle/Dr. Wickman just an actor, hired to be in all of the Orientation films?

Eko had discovered an Orientation reel in a Bible in an abandoned Hatch, and then Locke spliced it into the original Orientation Film he found in his Hatch.  If every Hatch has their own Orientation Film, perhaps Eko’s footage wasn’t intended to be intermixed with the other footage…

The Orientation Video references an Apollo Ferry boat that will transport the viewing hatch folks after their 3 weeks is over. Is that the boat that the Others used to kidnap Walt? Where is this boat docked on the island?

The new Orientation Video instructs the viewers to observe the station. Not plural. Were they only watching the Swan Hatch, where the Losties are?

Did the equipment in this Pearl Hatch record Michael shooting the women?

In this Hatch, there was a tube that takes the observation papers up somewhere. Where do they go? Is there a headquarters Hatch receiving communication from all of the other hatches?

Will that printout show whether or not Henry Gale actually entered the numbers?

Were the people in the Pearl Hatch who were observing the other Hatches also part of an experiment? There is a camera in that Hatch too. Or are the observers in fact Doctors and/or Psychologists from Dharma?

Is the Pearl Hatch called the “?” because there is nothing on the Dharma logo? The Swan Hatch features a Swan on the Dharma logo, etc., but this one is an empty white circle. But are we sure that this even was the “?” Hatch?

Why are there nine TV screens in the Pearl Hatch when the Orientation Film and the map on the Locke’s Hatch door indicate that there are only six Hatches?


It now seems like there are 2 sets of Others. The first are Dharma scientists and doctors that were stationed in the Hatches. The question is, why are the Hatches all abandoned? Where has this group relocated? The second set of Others seem to be the ones who have the children; the ones without shoes, who don’t leave tracks. Were they shipwrecked and marooned on the island too? Were they brought there by Dharma? I believe that the Dharma folks have Other costumes & disguises to infiltrate and integrate themselves to learn more about that group.


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