New Podcast: Bryan Wynbrandt & Steven Lilien (Kyle XY, Alcatraz, Hawaii 5-0)!

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photo courtesy of Jorge Garcia

Sarah Jones, Bryan Wynbrandt, Jorge Garcia & Steven Lilien on the set of Alcatraz (photo courtesy of Jorge Garcia)


On this installment of the TV Write Now podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with two of my favorite TV writers – Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt. We first met at the Alcatraz premiere on Alcatraz in early 2012; they were executive producers and writers on the series – and were kind enough to share on this podcast what they had planned if the show had been renewed! I actually had an Alcatraz theory site, so it was quite a treat to hear them talk about their plans for future episodes.

Bryan and Steven have also written for Kyle XY and CSI: NY, and are now on the writing staff of Hawaii Five-0!

Download/listenTV Write Now podcast, episode 5

iTunes link: (click here to download this episode or subscribe to the podcast!)

Podcast guests: Steven Lilien (@StevenLilien) & Bryan Wynbrandt (@BryanWynbrandt), @HawaiiFiveOCBS

Podcast host: Jo Garfein (@jopinionated), TV Write Now (@TVwriteNow)

Podcast editor: Sohrab Osati (@SohrabOsati)

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