Why I Support the Writers Strike

I have supported the Writers Guild of America Strike from Day 1 and will continue to do so until it is resolved on their terms. I support the writers as a film & TV fan standing strong on the sidelines cheering them on as they fight for the compensation that they deserve.

I support them because of Jim, Pam and Dwight Schrute, three people we’ve all either fallen in love or worked with at some point in our lives.

I support them because of Coach Taylor and Tami, the most realistic television couple in recent memory.

I support them because two men spent a summer together in the mountains of Wyoming, fell in love, and forever changed the social landscape of modern film.

I support them because of the Fisher clan, and their delightfully dysfunctional family squabbles at the funeral home. And because that series finale was beautifully written, one of my favorites of all time.

I support them because of Mulder and Scully, without whom my entire pop culture world and outlook would be vastly different, and far less exciting. And, truth be told, without whom I may never have met the love of my life.

I support them because Ray Kinsella built a baseball field on his farm, and because Crash Davis believed in long, slow, deep, soft wet kisses that last three days.

I support them because of Tobias Funke and his never-nude syndrome.

I support them because of Jenny Schecter, the only character on television that I have disliked for 5 consecutive seasons yet continue to watch. I support them because they haven’t caved from years of fan pressure and given up on her.

I support them because a 29-year old woman just received a Best Original Screenplay nomination for her very first film, which she wrote while sitting in a suburban Target.

I support them because of Al Swearengen, who makes Tony Soprano seem like a sweetheart.

I support them because once a week, I crash land on a mysterious island for an hour, and continue to talk about the other survivors for the next six days like they are personal friends.

I support the writers because they are the ones who have created this amazing melange of characters, some of whom I relate to, and some of whom I escape through.

My TiVO may be empty, but my heart remains on the picket line.

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Mark Your Music Calendars: Matt Nathanson on Conan & Kimmel

Matt Nathanson is currently on tour in support of his album, Some Mad Hope, but he will be performing on Conan O’Brien tomorrow night (set your TiVO for 12:30am early Thursday) and on Jimmy Kimmel next month. Once that date is confirmed, I will post it, along with video from Conan if it is available.

I will always give Matt a shout out; he is a good friend and one of my favorite people in the world. If you haven’t seen him live, add that experience to your wish list. In addition to being a great guy and a very talented singer and songwriter, he is unbelievably funny; his concerts tend to become a music/comedy show hybrid.

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Not Oscar or TiVO-Worthy; CRASH Resurfaces

Ugh. That was my reaction upon hearing that, and it hurts me to say this out loud, the Oscar-winning film Crash is going to be made into a cable television series. It didn’t work on the big screen, and I doubt it will work on the small one.

TV show for Starz will be co-written and directed by original
helmer/screenwriter Paul Haggis, and Don Cheadle is the only film
character who has signed up for this version thus far.

To this day, my distaste for Crash and the inexplicable Oscar victory that followed still lingers like garlic on day two. Yuck.

I won’t rehash my feelings about the movie two years later, but I still believe that it didn’t deserve Best Picture. Not that year, not any year. Brokeback Mountain did. Capote did. Good Night, and Good Luck did.

Very few people seem to share my opinion about Crash, and most vehemently disagree. Case in point? The film is the most popular rental on Netflix. It makes me insane.

I stand by my assertion that Brokeback Mountain should have earned the golden statue instead of Crash, and it will go down in history as one of the best motion pictures of all time. Both were controversial and important, but only one was groundbreaking and meaningful.

Let’s open up the floodgates…will you watch the show? Did you love the film? Be honest. I can take it.

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In a Nutshell: LOST, Season 3 in Review (Updated)

To refresh our memories, I have posted a brief review of every episode from last season of Lost, as well as a list of lingering questions from Season 3, by character. Check all entries out here, on my new Lost blog.

I have also posted Predictions & Theories for Season 4.

Don’t forget to set your TiVO/DVR for Wednesday night as well, because ABC is airing an enhanced version of last year’s 2-hour finale, “Through the Looking Glass,” complete with on-screen facts and clues at the bottom of your screen.

And if you have other Lost friends who are are obsessed with the show as we are, please have them drop me a line or forward me their email addresses so I can add them to my Lost Distribution List!

Have a great week.

- Jo

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Best Actress/Actor: La Vie En Rose & There Will Be Blood

Last night we watched La Vie En Rose, and I understood immediately why Marion Cotillard was nominated for Best Actress. The film itself is uneven and a tad boring, but Cotillard’s physical transformation into legendary French singer Edith Piaf is stunning. Piaf’s life was short and tragic, and Cotillard’s portrayal of the troubled star is phenomenal.

The only other Best Actress nominee that I’ve seen is Ellen Page, and as much as I just love her and Juno, the statuette belongs to Cotillard.

This afternoon we saw There Will Be Blood, and it only furthered my belief that Daniel Day-Lewis is quite possibly the most talented actor of his generation or mine. This is quite a movie, an epic, a potential classic; dark, desolate and dusty but very compelling. I am both baffled and very impressed that Paul Thomas Anderson directed Boogie Nights and Magnolia before this saga, not to mention the disaster that was Punch Drunk Love.

In the Best Actor category, Viggo was just okay, Clooney was good, and I’m sure that Depp and Tommy Lee Jones were both great as well, but Day-Lewis was absolutely mesmerizing and should be the clear winner.

Next up, No Country For Old Men at the theater and Away From Her on DVD.

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