TV Write Now: On Hiatus

Hi there, lovely listeners.

As you know, I absolutely love having the opportunity to speak with so many incredible television writers. While I had every intention of continuing the TV Write Now podcast, life and larger priorities have taken precedence. Thus, I will be putting the podcast and this site on hiatus for the remainder of 2014.

I appreciate your support and that so many of you took the time to listen to the podcasts! And a huge thank you to my patient editor, Sohrab!

If you’re interested in keeping in touch and/or following my other adventures this year (PaleyFest, ATX TV Festival, SDCC and LOST 2014), you can always find me on Twitter @jopinionated!

Thank you. Sincerely.


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*ARCHIVED Blog posts live here now!

My very first blog, created in 2005, lived on a host site that decided to shut down. Alas, I was able to save the content (but not the comments) by transferring it to an existing WordPress site. Thus, it all now lives here! The original site was called JOpinionated: Pop Culture Perspective. It contained my thoughts and opinions about pop culture, as well as my initial LOST theories. I had to save it all for posterity!

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