The Return of SouthLAnd: Season 2 Preview

I had the opportunity to watch a 15 minute preview of the premiere episode from the second season of SouthLAnd, which returns on Tuesday (March 2). I was a huge fan of the show during its initial run, and am anticipating an even better series now that TNT has rescued it from the clutches of NBC.

There are three reasons that I love SouthLAnd: ensemble cast, pace and cinematography. While the first season focused more on the stories weaving throughout and connecting the large cast, the second season seems to have streamlined that concept; I am totally on board with the more dedicated spotlight on specific characters. Get acquainted with Lydia Adams (Regina King),  John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) now.

‘Gritty’ is an oft-used adjective to describe SouthLAnd, but I prefer bold and unflinching. Shot in fast-paced documentary style, the series takes an up close and personal approach to the world of crime in Los Angeles, as seen through the eyes of LAPD police officers and detectives. 

If you’d like to catch up, TNT is streaming the first season online now for free, and take a look behind the scenes

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