Last week I attended a screening of Cars at Pixar, at an event benefiting local education. There is nothing quite like watching a film before it is released, especially in the very location where it was created, sitting in a tiny theatre with incredible sound and unbelievable digital clarity.

In typical Pixar fashion, the voice casting is perfect and the animation is amazing. Cars will appeal to weekend warriors, NASCAR fans, little boys and animation fans everywhere.  Of course girls will enjoy the film as well; it is a Pixar picture after all, with the requisite love story thrown in as a side story for that coveted young female demographic. The movie and story are both entertaining and heartwarming, but I have to say that the extras shown during the credits are hilarious; take the kids and stay until the very end because it is worth the wait.

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Two words to describe last night’s episode. Holy. Crap. What a tremendous show. The season could have ended last night. That would have been quite the cliffhanger. I, for one, am thrilled that there is more to come.

By the way, I love the irony of the title of this episode featuring the demise of Ana Lucia & Libby…‘Two for the Road.’  Clearly Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros had a few too many for the road in Hawaii last year.



It can’t be a coincidence that Ana Lucia is shot right after sleeping with Sawyer, just as Shannon was shot right after sleeping with Sayid. I’m not implying that the Others or Dharma are religious and/or uptight, but it does strike me as odd.  


Was Michael sent to kill Ana Lucia specifically? To the Others, she certainly wouldn’t qualify as a ‘good’ person. Michael could have just tied her up at gunpoint if he had wanted to kipnap her or take something from the Hatch, but he deliberately killed her with an alarmingly accurate single shot to the chest.



Is the black smoke somehow responsible for or related to the reason that the plane crashed on the island? It emanates from underground, where we know most of the Hatches are. Locke had been pulled down by the black smoke monster thing at the end of last season (although he seemed to be fascinated by it rather fear it), which could perhaps explain his obsession with opening the main Hatch.  The black smoke also made a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the pilot episode last season when one of the plane’s engines blew up on the beach. Eko, a man of faith like Locke, also had a “moment” with the black smoke, so that might explain their shared sense of calm and almost complacent attitude about being on the island.



We know that Jack is a man of science, but it is interesting that his Dad is a man of faith, like Locke. Christian Shepherd mentioned ‘fate’ several times in Ana Lucia’s flashbacks.


Now we know that Jack has a sister, or a half-sister. Something tells me that she’s on the island. My theory is that the blonde woman at the door was…Claire’s sister! She had an Australian accent (as does Claire, the only Lostie with one), and we know Jack’s dad went there specifically looking for his daughter, but we can’t assume the blonde at the door was the mother. So is Claire his pregnant mistress or daughter? 


Was the blonde woman that Jack’s dad went to see in Australia the same blonde woman from the boat that captured Walt?


Jack’s dad gives Ana Lucia the name ‘Sarah,’ which was Jack’s wife’s name. Did Jack’s wife leave him because she was having an affair with his father?



Are the kidnapped kids all in the ‘?’ Hatch? That appears to be the main Hatch on that map Locke saw.


Perhaps the central Hatch is underwater. This would explain both the long black cord Sayid found on the beach last season and the fact that Walt appeared soaking wet in the jungle when Shannon & Sayid saw him.



When Michael was telling them that the Others were dirty, barefoot, and lived in tents, why didn’t Kate interrupt with information about the disguises she found? She had already told Jack about the dirty clothes costumes. Do Jack and Kate secretly have suspicions about Michael and his story because of this knowledge? Will this come into play in next week’s episode, when they discover the shootings in the Hatch?


RANDOM THOUGHT: The Lost producers are sci-fi geeks, and probably Star Wars fans. Would they dare make Jack and Kate brother and sister, a la Luke and Leia? There was that one kiss between them, which could prove to be awesomely awkward should this theory prove to be true.



Once again, Hurley’s bad luck reared its ugly head. Libby was shot in the Hatch because she was down there getting blankets for their picnic.


But is Libby dead? Was she carrying just blankets, or could she have been carrying something that prevented the bullets from killing her? First of all, in the deleted scene shown on ABC this morning, Hurley and Libby are seen on the beach discussing music. The producers want us to believe that Libby was carrying records as well as blankets when she was shot, adding layers that may have protected her from mortal wounds. Second, in the preview for next week’s episode, Hurley didn’t look like a man who had just lost a potential love interest. Then again, we all know how deceptive and cleverly edited those previews can be


Another reason to believe that Libby hasn’t been killed off: they haven’t aired her flashback yet. She appeared in Hurley’s, but hasn’t had her own. Boone, Shannon and Ana Lucia all did, however.



Henry was messing with Locke’s head when he told him that his mission was to come get him.


However, of all the Losties, Locke seems like a logical choice for the Others to seek. In their minds, he’s a ‘good’ person; he has not contributed to the death of another person, inadvertent or otherwise, as most of the other Losties have. Also, Walt was a fan and friend of Locke’s, and could have asked and/or instructed the Others to take him.



Did Michael get infected with the ‘sickness?’ Is that why he shot the Losties?


Or, did Michael kill Libby & Ana Lucia because the Others told him he’d get Walt back if he released Henry Gale by any means necessary? When Ana Lucia told Michael that Gale was captured in the hatch, Michael did not seem very surprised at all. Is Michael an Other? He did work for Widmore Construction before the crash, and there is a definite link between Widmore Corporation and Dharma. But if Michael made a deal with the Others, what else did it involve? Luring the Losties into a trap?


Or, did Michael shoot them just to stir the Losties into action, to engage in war with the Others to help him get Walt back?


If I were the Losties, after discovering the bodies in the Hatch, I’d ask why Henry didn’t kill Michael too. Michael is going to stage it to look like Henry got Ana Lucia’s gun, and then shot & killed the women but only shot him in the arm. But what would be Henry’s reason for sparing just him?



Michael told Jack and the group that there are 22 Others. Since 23 is one of the numbers, does that make him Other #23?



Assuming that Libby is indeed dead, none of the four of the Losties were killed by the Others. Boone died in the small yellow plane, Shannon was accidentally shot by Ana Lucia, and Ana Lucia & Libby were shot by Michael.


Here is a reason why there may be two sets of Others. One group, seemingly the scientists with fake Other clothing, don’t actually seem to want to kill anyone. They’re just collecting children. But another group, with people like Ethan and Goodwin, have killed or tried to kill Losties. Based on Michael’s actions last night, it’s not hard to tell which Other team he could be on.


But here is the confusing part.  Last night Henry Gale questioned Ana Lucia’s assertion that Goodwin was going to kill her. Gale must have known that Goodwin killed Nathan, the tail section guy


So who is controlling the black smoke monster? Who is controlling the number entry and old-school instant messaging between Hatches? And are either of the teams working with crazy French lady Danielle Rousseau?



What was Sayid digging a hole for? Seems kind of odd timing since there will be at least one funeral in the next episode



When you call The Hanso Foundation number (which appeared on that commercial during last night’s episode), there is a reference to a Korean offshore company called Paik Heavy Industries. Sun’s dad is Mr. Paik. 



Sawyer was reading a manuscript called The Bad Twin. We’re led to believe that it was found in the plane wreckage, and ABC made a genius move because there is now a book of the same name available in bookstores (I already ordered it). The author, Gary Troup, is an anagram for Purgatory. The producers spend so much time denying that the entire show is based in purgatory, and yet their marketing team fuels the fire with little tricks like this.


We know that were twin brothers on the boat that captured Walt, but maybe there is a Lostie with an Other twin (not necessarily identical). I believe that Henry is Libby’s brother. Supposedly she was in the hatch to get blankets, but what if she was going there to speak to or free her brother? She was shot because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It will be interesting to see Henry’s reaction to Michael if this is true.



Perhaps Walt is HIM. Who else would have enough influence to convince his own father to do what he did? We know that Walt has creepy talents and powers, but to what extent?


Other possible HIM candidates: Henry Gale, Christian Shepherd, and Alvar Hanso.


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