Hi Again: A Very Random Pop Culture Update

I owe you an apology, again. Every intention of updating this site on a much more frequent basis has fallen victim to time, travel and Lost over the last several weeks. But this site is my real baby; my original blog of almost 5 years, and what will continue to be home base once Lost ends forever in May. 

Because I have been negligent for far too long, I thought I would briefly address what has been going on in my pop culture world and provide appropriate links if you’re interested in additional details. 
  • I just returned from a weekend in Buenos Aires and week in Santiago, Chile (visiting family; see video at bottom of post). To escape thunderstorms one afternoon, we went to see An Education. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, particularly the performance of Carey Mulligan. While I believe that she completely deserves her Best Actress nod, I don’t think that she stands a chance against Meryl and Sandra this year. And to be honest, I do not agree with the film’s inclusion as a Best Picture nominee. But don’t get me started about the fact there are now 10 in that category…

  • While on the red carpet, I had the opportunity to interview Michael Emerson’s wife, actress Carrie Preston. Stay tuned for audio from that conversation, as we discuss her role as Arlene in the third season of True Blood!
  • I am currently hosting a Haiti relief fundraiser on my Lost site, giving away memorabilia to those who donate $10 or more to Partners in Health (in conjunction with Mo Ryan from the Chicago Tribune, who is also auctioning off various TV items for the cause via eBay). 
  • In anticipation of new episodes of the stellar series Southland (beginning March 2 on its new network: TNT), here is a look behind the scenes of the show. I will be receiving a screener shortly and plan to preview it here for you before it airs. 

  • To celebrate the new movie The Crazies, a reinvention of the George Romero horror classic starring Timothy Olyphant (opening on February 26 in theaters), I will be giving away a set of limited-edition The Crazies comic books very soon!
  • One of my favorite new shows of the last several years, Nurse Jackie, returns for a second season on March 22. Here is the trailer. Jump on board; I guarantee you won’t regret it. Twilight fans, you will love Peter Facinelli in this series – check out Dr. Coop’s Video Diary.

  • And here is your first look at the sophomore season of my other favorite new show in recent memory, United States of Tara. Joey Lauren Adams joins the cast, and the series also returns on March 22.
Thank you for your patience, whether you are fairly new to this site or have been visiting for several years. I look forward to hearing from YOU; feel free to leave comments and/or feedback below!

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Comic-Con 09: Recap Video & LOST Panel

Regular visitors to this site (hi Mom & Mel!) have probably noticed that I don’t post as often here anymore. That is because I am primarily covering television as a contributing writer on TVOvermind and participating in a lengthy Lost ReWatch project.  While I have no plans to abandon this site, I will probably continue to only post here on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  I encourage you to bookmark TVOvermind and follow me there, as I tend to discuss and analyze many of the same shows that I cover here.

Most of you know that I was at Comic-Con last week in San Diego. I wanted to share my very first vlog/video diary recap of the panels I attended, as well as a highlight of the fun pop culture treasures I picked up along the way!

In addition, I have posted a comprehensive recap and analysis of the very last LOST panel at Comic-Con over on my Lost site.

Thank you for your patience – and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about shows I am or should be watching!


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Star Trek: The Trailer & Anticipation

I love movie trailers, so I arrive far too early to every film. Lately, I am reduced to a teenage fangirl with wide eyes and goosebumps when I see the trailer for the new and revamped Star Trek. Bring on the summer blockbusters; I can’t wait to see this movie.


The film comes out on May 8. The season finale of Lost is on May 13. Thanks to J.J. Abrams, I will be consumed and overwhelmed for one week in May.

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WonderCon 09: Watchmen & Star Trek Panels (Photos & Video) + Giveaways!

On Saturday we spent the day in San Francisco at WonderCon with our good friend Brian, who shares my sci-fi and pop culture enthusiasm and then some. He is a great graphic artist (who created the logos for both of my blogs), and he took the excellent photos and video below. If you are an athlete, you must check out his blog, Pavement Runner.

We attended the Watchmen and Star Trek panels together, but Brian braved the entire weekend to also enjoy the Chuck, Pixar, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Terminator Salvation panels as well! He was kind enough to share pictures from all of them, and I will post those photos later this week.

Guests: Director Zack Snyder, graphic novel illustrator Dave Gibbons, actors Malin Akerman (Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II), Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman), Jackie Earle Hailey (Walter Kovacs/Rorschach), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Edward Blake/The Comedian) and Patrick Wilson (Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II).


They showed us just over 15 minutes from the film, which opens this Friday. Without giving much away, I will say that the opening title sequence is one of the most phenomenal and creative that I’ve ever seen. This is going to be an outstanding visual ride, and one that will successfully mirror the brilliance of the original graphic novel.


Guests: Director J.J. Abrams, executive producer Bryan Burk, screenwriter Roberto Orci, stars Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock) & Zoe Saldana (Uhura)

Video of J.J. Abrams at Star Trek panel [note to Lost fans, it is 1:08 long]


I am not a Trekkie by any means, and The Wrath of Khan is my favorite among the many previous Star Trek films. Abrams treated us to a longer, unreleased trailer…and I watched it with wide eyes and goosebumps. He has more than reinvigorated the franchise. I look forward to this film more than just about any other this year.


I have a few small but very cool collectible items from both Watchmen and Star Trek that I’d love to give away to my readers. Interested? Simply leave a comment below, telling me why you’re a huge fan of either and what your expectations are for the films. I will put all of your names in a hat and pull random winners by March 15. Make sure to fill in your name and email so that I can contact you.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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Geek Girl transformation continues: LOST tour, sci-fi podcast & WonderCon

When I’m not busy neglecting this blog, I am either working or transforming into a larger geek than I ever thought possible. If you would have asked me or anyone in my family even ten years ago whether or not I would love and embrace new technology, sci-fi, graphic novels, etc. – we would have all laughed out loud at the very thought.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve been up to and am about embark upon.

1. Less than two weeks ago, we went on an all-day LOST tour on Oahu. Incredible is only one way to describe the overall experience. See for yourself here and here on my Lost blog.

2. Last weekend I had the opportunity to call in to the Sci-Fi Party Line podcast to discuss Lost and the tour with my new friend Cat (@FancyFembot on Twitter), as well as other TV shows like Bones, Dollhouse and True Blood. Click here to listen to the chat, or find it on iTunes!

3. Tomorrow we are heading into San Francisco for our very first WonderCon, which is a smaller version of San Diego’s Comic-Con (and yes, I’m going back there this year as well).  If we get there early enough, we’re hoping to attend the Watchmen panel first, then brave the lines for the new Star Trek in the afternoon.

Besides that, I’ve been attempting to catch up on 3 weeks of shows…but have been disappointed in many. Right now I am only really enjoying Bones, Friday Night Lights, Fringe, House and Lost. And I need to finish Season 1 of Breaking Bad because the second season begins on March 8!


What’s new with YOU?

Have a great weekend!

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Hola & Aloha! Hawaii Here We Come

I have been absent and a shell of a blogger. Apologies.

Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii, and I have plans to post a few entries…when I’m not on the beach, at the pool, on the zip line or enjoying ridiculously fruity/girly cocktails.

We will be in Maui until next Sunday, and then in Oahu for a few days. We are primarily going to Oahu to take the all-day LOST tour. Seriously, and of course.

I have not had enough time to catch up on all of my TiVO’d shows, but here is a very quick report card:

  • 30 Rock: A-
  • Bones: B-
  • Damages: B+
  • Friday Night Lights: A-
  • Grey’s: B+ (HUGE improvement)
  • Heroes: A- (HUGE improvement)
  • House: B
  • Flight of the Conchords: B
  • Lost: A
  • Nip/Tuck: C
  • The Office: B-
  • Private Practice: B
  • The United States of Tara: A-

Thank you for your patience and for checking in on occasion. You still complete me.

p.s. If you’re at all interested in our (mis)adventures in the 808, feel free to follow me on Twitter:

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