Save the Cheerleader: Tim Sale, HEROES Artist

I am still blown away by this custom print, which Heroes artist Tim Sale sketched for me on Saturday night. 

UPDATE: Whitney posted new photos and details about the event in today’s Pop Candy, including a link here! I heart her.

Watching him at work certainly gave me a renewed appreciation for all of the graphic art on Heroes. Hopefully I will see Tim at ComicCon in July as well.

I am getting this framed as we speak, my new pop culture treasure.

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Teaser: Pop Candy, Pop Culture & Heroes

It is 2am and I am exhausted, but I had to take note of the evening I just experienced while it’s still fresh.

Tonight we went to SF and met up with Whitney Matheson, who writes USA Today’s Pop Candy blog. She was there to chat with her readers and share her enthusiasm for comics and graphic novels. The event took place at Isotope, which is a very cool comic book store/lounge hybrid.

Whitney was so sweet and very accessible, and it was so great to talk with her about Lost!

On top of that, artist Tim Sale was there (he is the very talented man behind all of the art featured on Heroes). Long story short…I watched as Tim sketched and then painted an original portrait of Claire Bennett from Heroes, just for me. It was an incredible pop culture experience, watching him create that piece in only ten minutes. Tim was very nice and patient with all of the fans lined up for autographs and custom sketches (only 10 were allotted; I was first in line).

We even received custom pint glasses designed by Tim Sale himself, each with a portrait of Whitney! They also created a Pop Candy cocktail just for the occasion (see photo above).

I will post a photo of Tim’s sketch on Monday before taking it to get matted and framed.


Happy Easter!

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I Heart Pop Candy

I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet one of my favorite pop culture columnists this weekend! Whitney Matheson from USA Today’s Pop Candy blog is having a meet & greet with her fans in San Francisco, along with Heroes artist Tim Sale.

I am a relative unknown in the blogosphere, and very appreciative to have dedicated readers and 250-300 page views per day. Whitney linked to my site last year when actor Jim Beaver responded to one of my posts (a letter to John From Cincinnati creator David Milch that I never thought anyone would read), which has resulted in over 11,000 hits for that entry alone! To give you an idea of the magnitude, the second most popular post in this blog’s 2.5 year history is 1,500.  So in addition to being a huge fan of hers, I am forever grateful for that mention.

I will try my best not to geek out or be a wallflower, and will report back here after the event.

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Must-See Summer Films: X-Files 2, Speed Racer, Indy 4 & Iron Man

I am Indie at heart but have a soft spot for certain action/adventure genre films.

In order, here are the summer blockbusters that I absolutely can’t wait to see in the theater later this year:

The X-Files 2
July 25

Unfortunately, no official trailer or poster has been released yet. The photo above, however, is a promo still from the film.

Speed Racer
May 9

Click above to watch one of the best movie trailers I’ve ever seen…which isn’t a surprise given that the film is written & directed by the Wachowski Brothers (the Matrix trilogy). Starring Emile Hirsch, Matthew Fox (Lost alert!), Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights).

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
May 22

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, two words: Cate Blanchett. And she’s playing a villain. LOVE it.

Iron Man
May 2

Though I am not a comic book person per se, I do love big screen adaptations and variations on a superhero. This is directed by Jon Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Samuel L. Jackson.

Another contender for my time, money and attention is M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, which comes out on Friday, June 13. I like his style and most of his films, but I did not see Lady in the Water and I disliked Unbreakable. This one looks like  a return to form, so I’m intrigued.

Which 2008 films are you most looking forward to?

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