Shows I Watch…Alone

Oh stop, I’m not talking about porn.

I’m referring to shows which have never earned a TiVO Season Pass in our house, or those which do not interest my better half.

Some used to be must-see series, others are guilty pleasures and the rest are shows that I catch up on long after they’ve aired. FYI, I watch them all online.

  • Cashmere Mafia (canceled)
  • Desperate Housewives (
  • Dirt (hulu)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (hulu)
  • Jericho (canceled)
  • Kitchen Confidential (canceled)
  • My Name is Earl (
  • Nip/Tuck (hulu)
  • The Riches (hulu)
  • Samantha Who (
  • Scrubs (
  • Survivor (

After enduring the strike-shortened season, I have to say that from this list, only Samantha Who was impressive and entertaining enough to officially merit a spot in my crowded fall lineup.

There must be certain shows that you don’t admit to watching either. Come on, ‘fess up…

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Emmy for Your Thoughts?

One of my favorite online television columnists, Michael Ausiello from, has posted his first ‘Dream Emmy Ballot‘  of the season. Today he covered Comedy and tomorrow is Drama, so bookmark his page to view the rest of his wish list this week for the Emmy’s, as well as daily TV scoop and gossip.

Of course, Ausiello gets paid to watch almost every series that airs, and I only wish I did, so my nominees tend to be from the limited number of shows I do watch.

Although this wasn’t the strongest season of The Office, I was surprised to find that he shut out the show in all Comedy categories.

I love Ugly Betty, but I laugh out loud at 30 Rock, so my choice for Lead Actress is Tina Fey (and Lead Actor has to be Alec Baldwin).

My favorite duo from Pushing Daisies are sidekicks Kristin Chenoweth and Chi McBride, so I hope they pull off victories in the Supporting categories.

It will be very interesting to see how the Writers Strike and shortened seasons will affect Emmy nominations and votes this year.

Inevitably, I spend most of the Emmy’s yelling at the TV because the people who vote clearly don’t appreciate the amazing quality of and performances on many shows, but it’s fun nonetheless and I wouldn’t miss it.

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New & Must-See TV: Dollhouse & Fringe

There are two new shows which have just been given the green light, both of which immediately earn a TiVO season pass in my house.


You had me at ‘written and produced by J.J. Abrams.”

To me, this series seems to be the long overdue and successful heir apparent to The X-Files. The cast includes Lance Reddick from The Wire (who has been making mysterious appearances as Matthew Abbadon on Lost as well) and Joshua Jackson (who appears to have finally shed his Pacey image from Dawson’s Creek).

And although I’ve been openly critical of Transformers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (who wrote the film and are writing the sequel) are now head writers on Fringe. They also scripted J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek movie, so I may have misjudged them, and will be eager to see their words come to life in this new series.

Click here to view the Fringe trailer (but fear not, Lost fans…though this particular scene takes place on an airplane, the show is not at all similar to the look, feel and characters of Lost). I also suggest bookmarking the excellent Fringe TV site as your go-to resource for the show from here on out. And make sure to check out the fantastic promo posters, like the one above. Love it.


Two words: Joss Whedon.

The writer, producer and director of fan favorite/cult classic series’ Serenity, Angel, Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer describes Dollhouse as “a suspense drama about a girl who can have any personality
except her own.” In the press, the show has been compared to everything from the film Total Recall to Alias, The Pretender and Quantum Leap.

Click here to view the trailer. And make sure to bookmark Dollverse and Whedonesque for all related show info.

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It’s Personal, It’s Political, and Now It’s Legal

Before I begin…a polite request.

Just as I choose to click away rather than respond when I strongly disagree with someone’s written opinion, I hope you do the same. If you leave an offensive comment or personal attack, I will not approve or post it. That is my prerogative as the owner of this site. There are plenty of other venues for you to share those sentiments, but not in my house. 

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

I am:

  • A woman
  • A daughter
  • A sister
  • An aunt
  • A homeowner
  • A taxpayer
  • A co-worker
  • A college graduate
  • A pet owner
  • A bad cook
  • A blogger

I also happen to be a lesbian in an 11 year relationship, but that fact is certainly not the most important or interesting thing about me. My orientation has nothing to do with the content of my blogs, but today’s historical CA Supreme Court ruling affects me and I am compelled to write about the significance.

partner is my family; my life and my wife (in every fathomable way
except for the certificate). We are so normal, we’re almost boring.
There is tremendous mutual love and respect, which I believe are two
of the most essential tenets to a successful and healthy marriage. We are very fortunate that all that we are lacking in life is an official piece of paper.

But let’s start with the obvious question, and one that was asked of me all day long via IM, email, text messages and phone calls. No, we will not be running to City Hall or an altar of any kind. Four years ago, when there was a brief window of opportunity to get hitched in San Francisco, we declined to do so as well. We are thrilled that the ban was lifted today, but our reasons for not getting married remain personal.

For every supportive friend and family member, there are thousands of naysayers out there who would rather see me dead than married. It is archaic and outrageous, but not surprising. I forced myself to stop reading comments on various news sites and blogs because the level of vitriol out there is very alarming and discouraging.

I am not naive; I realize that we live in a relatively safe social bubble here in Northern California. I’m very aware of that fact whenever and wherever I travel, especially to visit family in Georgia, South America and even the central coast of this very state. I also happen to live and work in a fairly red county, but frankly, my sexuality is immaterial no matter where I am. 

We are not politically active or out there, and we’re also not interested in public displays of affection. Yet I find myself being cautious and cognizant not to draw unwanted attention just about anywhere outside of the Bay Area; that I have to worry about my personal safety just because of who I am or perceived to be is frustrating yet necessary. At least for now.

I confident that this new ruling will stick? Not entirely. This issue
will once again fall into the hands of voters come November, and the
track record isn’t exactly stellar. That the Terminator is upholding
and respects the court’s decision is a pleasant surprise. And I’ve
always been a fan of Mayor Newsom. This will forever be associated with
his political career, and he continues to be a refreshing, bold
politician without fear of stigma; he is now the face of equality, a forerunner in the ongoing battle for basic human rights.

A surprising number of my regular readers and blog friends are conservative and/or Republican men. I have found that to be because we speak the same pop culture language; we share a love of sci-fi and superheroes, technology, action/adventure movies and sports. And for the most part, our voting proclivities are a non-issue. If anything, I feel that some are less apt to post negative gay statements and use stereotypes because they know and respect me. I frequent blogs with similar content, and have only taken offense to ignorant comments left by strangers on their sites. Again, I try to take the high road by not responding to those inflammatory remarks (especially when they’re not posted on mine).

I hope that at some point in my lifetime, the nation will look back upon the ridiculous defense of marriage with the same shame and outrage that we do now when we think about segregation. In the meantime, I will continue to live my very normal life, but with a spring in my step fueled by new optimism for an improved social climate.

I apologize for the rambling nature of this post. Sometimes I need to just write from the heart, and do so without filter or concern for structure.

Thanks for reading. I will return to covering a much more comfortable subject later tonight: Lost.

Have a good evening.

- Jo

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