Where Am I? New Site To Bookmark!

It is time to face the music and address the obvious. I’ve been neglecting this site for far too long, despite great intentions to post more frequently here after LOST ended. 
There are two major factors preventing me from posting here.
1. I tend to share quick thoughts about TV, film and music on Twitter every day
2. There are several steps involved to post an entry using this hosting service
Both factors have one thing in common: time. Or lack thereof. 
So I decided to start using Tumblr instead. Not only does it only involve one step, I can do so from my iPhone and iPad with incredible ease. Here is my new URL for you to bookmark if you’d like to continue following my pop culture perspective: http://jogarfein.tumblr.com
I am not sure at this point what I will do with this site, but it will remain up and active (as will my Lost blog). And yes, I will be podcasting again…but I need an editor/producer in order to continue. Let me know if you have any recommendations!
Thank you for your ongoing patience! I hope to hear from you on tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or email. 
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Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going & What I’m Watching: The Future of This Site

As many of you have noticed, I have not posted on this site in two months. Because I am a freelance entertainment writer, my work has been appearing elsewhere – primarily TVovermind and AOLtv. Moving forward, I will still be posting here, especially when analyzing a film or a television series that I am not also covering on another site. And of course my archived articles will remain available here, including my very first batch of Lost posts from several years ago. 

Now that Lost has ended its six season run, I have no plans to start another site or focus that much time on one particular series. Although I will be starting Battlestar Galactica from the beginning later this week, I will not be writing about it other than reactionary tweets.

The new slate of Fall 2010 shows looks promising, and I will be posting a list of recommendations and trailers soon. In the meantime, please let me know which current or new shows you’d like me to cover! 

Here is an updated list of shows that I already watch, although I admit to being a season behind on a few:
  1. 30 Rock
  2. Bones
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. Brothers & Sisters
  5. Burn Notice
  6. Chuck
  7. Community
  8. Cougar Town
  9. Desperate Housewives
  10. Dexter
  11. Entourage
  12. Friday Night Lights
  13. Fringe
  14. Glee
  15. The Good Wife
  16. Grey’s Anatomy
  17. House
  18. Hung
  19. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  20. Justified
  21. Mad Men
  22. Medium
  23. Modern Family
  24. Nurse Jackie
  25. The Office
  26. Parenthood
  27. Parks & Recreation
  28. Private Practice
  29. Rescue Me
  30. Survivor
  31. Top Chef
  32. Treme
  33. True Blood
  34. United States of Tara
  35. V
  36. Weeds
I appreciate your patience and promise to keep you posted about where to find me and my perspective about the television landscape. If you’re not doing so already, I would love for you to follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook.

- Jo
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Hi Again: A Very Random Pop Culture Update

I owe you an apology, again. Every intention of updating this site on a much more frequent basis has fallen victim to time, travel and Lost over the last several weeks. But this site is my real baby; my original blog of almost 5 years, and what will continue to be home base once Lost ends forever in May. 

Because I have been negligent for far too long, I thought I would briefly address what has been going on in my pop culture world and provide appropriate links if you’re interested in additional details. 
  • I just returned from a weekend in Buenos Aires and week in Santiago, Chile (visiting family; see video at bottom of post). To escape thunderstorms one afternoon, we went to see An Education. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, particularly the performance of Carey Mulligan. While I believe that she completely deserves her Best Actress nod, I don’t think that she stands a chance against Meryl and Sandra this year. And to be honest, I do not agree with the film’s inclusion as a Best Picture nominee. But don’t get me started about the fact there are now 10 in that category…

  • While on the red carpet, I had the opportunity to interview Michael Emerson’s wife, actress Carrie Preston. Stay tuned for audio from that conversation, as we discuss her role as Arlene in the third season of True Blood!
  • I am currently hosting a Haiti relief fundraiser on my Lost site, giving away memorabilia to those who donate $10 or more to Partners in Health (in conjunction with Mo Ryan from the Chicago Tribune, who is also auctioning off various TV items for the cause via eBay). 
  • In anticipation of new episodes of the stellar series Southland (beginning March 2 on its new network: TNT), here is a look behind the scenes of the show. I will be receiving a screener shortly and plan to preview it here for you before it airs. 

  • To celebrate the new movie The Crazies, a reinvention of the George Romero horror classic starring Timothy Olyphant (opening on February 26 in theaters), I will be giving away a set of limited-edition The Crazies comic books very soon!
  • One of my favorite new shows of the last several years, Nurse Jackie, returns for a second season on March 22. Here is the trailer. Jump on board; I guarantee you won’t regret it. Twilight fans, you will love Peter Facinelli in this series – check out Dr. Coop’s Video Diary.

  • And here is your first look at the sophomore season of my other favorite new show in recent memory, United States of Tara. Joey Lauren Adams joins the cast, and the series also returns on March 22.
Thank you for your patience, whether you are fairly new to this site or have been visiting for several years. I look forward to hearing from YOU; feel free to leave comments and/or feedback below!

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Oh, Hello. Let’s Talk TV. Season Finales, Anyone?

Hi, my name is Jo and I suck. Last week when my friend Mel told me that she stopped coming to this site due to lack of updated content, it made me realize that I have been neglecting a huge portion of my pop culture life. And you.

See this phrase and logo above? It is on a Life is Good hat that I own, but I do not take the advice it offers.  As most of you are aware, I have been inside of a Lost box with television tunnel-vision on for several months now. I am currently recovering (albeit with a rather large time-travel and character death hangover), as the fifth season has just ended.

But the good news for those of you who don’t watch that show is that I’m back, I’m ready to talk about shows that YOU love and watch, and I will be doing so much more frequently now. If you’re back, thank you for your patience. If you’re new, welcome to my babbling brook of consciousness!

We have several very emotional/controversial/strange season finales to discuss. The Office (baby!). Grey’s (RIP Gizzie?!). Private Practice (the horror!). Fringe (woah). Bones (wtf?). Heroes (yawn). Brothers & Sisters (let the door hit you on the way out, Tommy). 30 Rock (ten shades of awesome; I Lizzed). I haven’t seen the House finale yet, but Kutner’s death and Amber’s ghost made for a pretty great season.

File under: surprised but excited – Dollhouse has been renewed. I was very skeptical of this new series because of the pace of the first few episodes, but I highly recommend it as a summer series to catch up on because it is quite unique and compelling.

File under: donde esta? Samantha Who was yanked from the schedule without much notice or reason. It hasn’t been canceled so I’m curious to find out when they’ll be bringing it back.

File under: sad but relieved to get closure – ABC will be airing the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies at the end of the month.

Random season/schedule shows I’m currently enjoying: Rescue Me and Southland.

Summer TV: bring on True Blood and Mad Men. And let’s admit our guilty pleasure reality fixes…The Bachelorette starts tomorrow. I will also openly admit my addiction to The Biggest Loser; this was the first season I tuned in and am now hooked.

New shows: so looking forward to Glee (debuting this week on FOX) and Nurse Jackie (debuts on 6/8, Showtime). 

And music! Anyone else listening to the new Green Day? I am loving that and the new Phoenix album.

Movies: loved loved loved the new Star Trek. Was disappointed by Wolverine. New films I am really looking forward to include Away We Go (John Krasinski & Maya Rudolph/directed by Sam Mendes), Julie & Julia (Meryl Streep & Amy Adams/directed by Nora Ephron), and Nine (ensemble musical/directed by Rob Marshall).

So, hi. Thanks for stopping by. By all means, please let me know what shows, movies, bands, books, etc. that you’d love for me to discuss here and I will do my best. I owe you. And I’ve missed you.

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Excuses, Excuses: My TV & Travel Schedule

See, I warned you about my lack of posts here once Lost started up again. I’m certainly not complaining, but watching every new episode 2- 3 times and then writing several entries about each per week is quite time-consuming (and is more than likely the culprit for this lingering headache I’m nursing).

In addition to Lost, I am also watching the following shows every week:

  1. 30 Rock
  2. Bones
  3. Brothers & Sisters
  4. Damages
  5. Flight of the Conchords
  6. Friday Night Lights
  7. Fringe
  8. Grey’s Anatomy
  9. House
  10. Life on Mars
  11. Nip/Tuck
  12. The Office
  13. Private Practice
  14. Scrubs
  15. Top Chef
  16. The United States of Tara

…on top of catching up with Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD and Season 1 of Breaking Bad on my iPod, and attempting to finish last season’s Survivor online.

I’ve given up on The L Word and Ugly Betty. But in the next few weeks I will be adding these to my collection: The Amazing Race, Dollhouse, Heroes, Life, Medium and Samantha Who.

Why do I list these out and why should you care? Because I’m an over-sharer and like to keep you in the loop. I would also like to know which shows you’d like me to write about; I’m much more likely to discuss YOUR favorite series…if only I knew what they were. Do tell.

In the interest of over-disclosure/overexposure, I also wanted to let you know that I will be out of town next week on business and then in Hawaii for 10 days on vacation. Don’t hate me. So you may not hear as much from me in February, except for occasional pop culture related reports (i.e. after our 8 hour private Lost tour on Oahu)!

Keep watching, keep reading and keep in touch.

Love you, mean it.

- Jo

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Preview/Review of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” & Other Blog News

I was recently given the opportunity to view and review the first episode of the new series Dollhouse for TVOvermind, a fantastic new entertainment hub for television fans! It is my initial post for the site, and hopefully the beginning of a new extension for this blog. As many of you know, I contribute occasional Lost articles and theory analysis on DocArzt and Friends’ Lost Blog as well.

Click here if you’re interested to hear my initial thoughts about Joss Whedon’s new show. If you are a fan of Whedon’s previous efforts (Buffy, Firefly, Serenity) or enjoy any combination of Alias, Fringe, Heroes, Lost and The X-Files, I highly recommend that you tune in when Dollhouse debuts on FOX on Friday, February 13!

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