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True to my word, I watched most of the extras on the Lost DVDs. For those of you with even a remote interest in the show, I recommend running out right now to buy this set. The extras included in this 7-DVD package are extensive, and yet they reveal absolutely nothing about what’s to come. The featurettes range from entertaining to riveting, leaving you even more anxious about that hatch, the raft, and the entire second season. I have my conspiracy theories about what’s down that damn hatch, the origination of the metallic sounds from the invisible monster, and the how the arrival of Michelle Rodriguez (Blue Crush), discovered living on a different part of the island, will impact the current cast of characters. I won’t bore you with such ramblings, and I wouldn’t want you to think that I spent days following the first season finale pouring over Lost fan sites. But I did, and I encourage other fans out there to visit, which is the official site of the creative team behind the show. If you’re a true Lost geek, you may want to also peruse the fictional Ocean Airlines website, You can scroll over the seating chart of Flight 815, and tidbits about certain characters pop up over their assigned seats from that fated flight. Or so I’ve heard.

It makes me happy that networks are releasing entire television series on DVD, especially when a quality show is unjustly canceled after one season and disappears before it is allowed proper time to build a dedicated fan base. I am particularly bitter about Wonderfalls, which FOX yanked off of the schedule before even airing the season finale. I was thrilled to discover that the series is now available on a 3-DVD set, and I hope that more people also give it a chance by renting or buying this quirky show. Other TV on DVD favorites include the always compelling HBO duo of Six Feet Under and Sopranos, plus the hysterical Arrested Development and Showtime’s guilty pleasure lesbian soap opera, The L Word.

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