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Oh where, oh where has my Scully gone? I was one of those geeks who taped and watched every episode of The X-Files religiously.
My Gillian Anderson crush was no secret; I even own one of those special edition Scully Barbies. Seriously.
My cats are named Mulder and Scully. I wish I were kidding.

I was sure that Anderson was going to have a successful film career after the series ended, but when she failed to garner a nomination for The House of Mirth, I knew her window had closed. She was practically unrecognizable in that role and it was the exact opposite of her TV persona; perhaps that is why audiences did not flock to the film. Anderson, who has since appeared in smaller roles (Playing by Heart), apparently moved abroad and is performing in theatre nowadays. I know you will sleep better at night with this significant update.

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