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As I child, I thought it was odd that my parents referred to our TV as the Boob Tube.  I can tell you with great certainty that I’ve still never seen a television remotely shaped like one.

I mourned the end of
Six Feet Under like it was my own family heading down that road with Claire. The last time I responded this way to a TV show was when Jimmy Smits died on NYPD Blue. I imagine that the good folks at Kleenex report higher sales during series’ and season finales. Alan Ball is a genius, and SFU ranks as one of my top three television shows. Ever. I can’t recall any other shows, or movies for that matter, that have affected me to the point where I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night  pondering the characters’ lives like they were personal friends of mine.

I pre-ordered the first season of
Lost on DVD, and I am just nutty enough to watch all of the episodes in a row (without commercial interruption, thank you very much) before the new season starts in September. Here are the reasons I love this show: it is a tremendously fresh premise, it unfolds very creatively, and there are layers upon layers of literary and cultural references and mysteries, all open to many interpretations. Needless to say, I await the second season premiere with a tad too much anticipation.

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