North By Northwest

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One of AFI’s Top 100 films of all time, North By Northwest is a more than a classic. It was the fourth and final time that Cary Grant collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock, and is easily the most beloved action suspense movie of his impressive oeuvre. 

Watching the 50th Anniversary Edition of newly remastered and restored North By Northwest, which was just released last week on DVD and Blu-ray, I am reminded that they simply do not make films today of that caliber. From the pace to the iconic cinematography (the train, crop plane and Mount Rushmore scenes in particular), this is a beautifully crafted piece of cinematic history. 

I highly recommend that you pick up a copy for yourself or as a holiday gift for a fellow film fan. In addition to screenwriter commentary, there are over 3 hours of special features including two new documentaries, The Master’s Touch: Hitchcock’s Signature Style and North By Northwest: One for the Ages.

As an ad man who stumbles into a spy vs. spy world in North By Northwest, Cary Grant has George Clooney’s looks and charm, combined with Don Draper’s style (Mad Men). Co-starring Eva Marie Saint (On the Waterfront) and James Mason (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), this is a can’t-miss thriller. 

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