Fall TV 09: October Report Card

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As we snuggle beneath the blankets of fall, I thought it was time to grade each new and returning series thus far (at least those I actually watch).

Alphabetically, of course:
The Amazing Race: B
Seriously bummed at last week’s unfortunate elimination due to lost passports.

The Biggest Loser: B+
Pulls the heartstrings, completely inspiring. You can’t help but root for these contestants, and have to like a reality show that changes and saves so many lives.

Bones: B
I am on the impatient bandwagon that wants Booth & Bones to just date already. It is detracting from the show at this point, and just about everyone wants to see them together.  

Bored to Death: B-
This new HBO series has yet to capture my attention entirely, but I enjoy the cast and will continue watching.

Brothers & Sisters: B
They are handling Kitty’s crisis with proper poignancy. Bonus points for not forcing more of Ryan or Tommy on us.  

Community: B
I really like Joel McHale and Danny Pudi, but am not in love with the rest of the supporting cast…yet.

Cougar Town: B
A new and true guilty pleasure. I liked Courtney Cox in Dirt and even more in this role.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: B
I am rooting for him to reunite with Cheryl, and was very entertained by the Seinfeld reunion.

Desperate Housewives: C+
I tuned back in this season solely because of Drea de Matteo. But the new-family-with-mysterious-son storyline is beyond stale on Wisteria Lane.

Dexter: A
Unforseen character twists and surprising endings, plus an even more complicated family life has made Dexter even more compelling this season.

Dollhouse: B+
With the exception of the baby episode, I have loved the second season thus far.

FlashForward: A
My favorite new drama in five years. Here is my new FF theory site, if you’re interested.

Fringe: A
Tied with House for the best first episode of the fall season. They have kicked it up a notch in all areas.

Glee: A
No other show makes me smile or actually reflect fondly upon the awkward years as much as this one.

The Good Wife: B+
A very pleasant surprise and my first ever CBS procedural.

Grey’s Anatomy: B
It took six seasons, but I finally like Meredith Grey.

Heroes: C
I loved the first season, and have been quietly and patiently awaiting a return to form. As of this week, Heroes has been removed from my TiVO Season Pass list for good.

House: A-
Now THAT was a stellar season premiere. I have to say that I miss having Thirteen around.

Medium: A-
Given NBC’s recent series of primetime errors in judgement, I am thrilled that CBS picked up this series.

Modern Family: A
So. Damn. Funny. Easily the best new comedy of the season.

The Office: B-
I loved the last 15 minutes of the Jim & Pam wedding episode. Other than that, I have not laughed out loud once yet this season.

Parks & Recreation: B
A huge improvement from its freshman effort. I now much prefer to watch Amy Poehler than Steve Carell.

Private Practice: B
Bring Naomi back to the right floor, and hire on Charlotte to work there as well. Let the entertaining relationship fireworks begin.

Survivor: Samoa: C+
Perhaps CBS should have reconsidered their over-promotion of Russel as the biggest villain ever. Compared to Richard Hatch, he is dull and rather gross.  

I am excited for the return of 30 Rock, tomorrow night on NBC. And Nip/Tuck returns to FX this evening; it became a guilty pleasure long ago.

But the new show I am now anticipating the most is V, which debuts on Tuesday, November 3 (ABC).  I’ve seen the pilot, and loved it. Stay tuned for a preview review soon.

Let me know what you think about Fall TV thus far; which shows are you enjoying the most and least?

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