Win a Trip to the Set of FRINGE!

Posted by on August 24, 2009 in Fringe, Television | 0 comments

Filming is now underway for the second season of Fringe. Visit Complete the Pattern and enter to win a visit to the set! Seriously, it’s a simple click away. I am a huge fan of the show and of Vancouver, so I didn’t hesitate to jump at this chance. 

The Grand Prize winner will receive a visit to the set in Vancouver, the first prize winner will receive a hi-def home entertainment system and five second prize winners will receive Season 1 on DVD. As an added bonus, when you enter – you will receive a sneak peek clip of Fringe

Fringe: The Complete First Season will be released on September 8 on both Blu-Ray and DVD. 

Stay tuned for my review next week of the entire DVD set, as I detail the very cool special features, including: unaired scenes, “Deciphering the Scene” sidebars on every episode, Roberto Orci’s production diary and, of course, the gag reel!

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