True Blood: You Suck

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…literally. You suck me in like a pint of synthetic blood. I can’t get enough.

It took a few episodes for me to really start enjoying True Blood last year, but by the end of the first season, I was screaming at the television in frustration and joy like any viewer who can’t help but become emotionally invested in or connect with characters on a beloved show.

Only two episodes into S2 and I’m loving it. The highlights:

  • Bait & switch: Lafayette is alive!
  • Underground dungeon: thought it was Maryann’s, pleasantly surprised to find out it is Eric’s
  • Maryann’s mystery moves: crazy lady + manchild Sam = creepy; he was just a pup!
  • Sookie gets cojones: already showing more self-assurance than all of last season
  • The season premiere sex scene between Sookie & Bill: H O T
  • Annoying teen/new vamp Jessica: a necessary infusion of humor
  • Jason’s transformation: it won’t last; I just know he’s going to sleep w/the preacher’s wife

More, please:

  • Arlene: I heart Carrie Preston and she deserves more storylines & screen time
  • Eric: who doesn’t love a metrosexual vampire slayer w/great highlights?
  • Tara: she’s my favorite, by far

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Are you as hooked in and enthralled by Season 2 yet?

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