Pushing Daisies: The Last 3 Episodes

Posted by on May 27, 2009 in Television | 0 comments

There are 3 remaining slices of the delicious Pushing Daisies pie to devour. So set your DVRs, because although ABC canceled this quirky little gem of series far too soon, the network is about to air the final three episodes.

Saturday, May 30
10pm ET
“Window Dressed to Kill”

Saturday, June 6
10pm ET
“Water & Power”

Saturday, June 13
10pm ET
“Kerplunk” [series finale]

Although I would have preferred another season, I was happy to learn that (according to creator/show runner Bryan Fuller) there will be a 12-issue Pushing Daisies comic coming out in the fall from DC Comics.

I have a feeling that this series will become a cult classic on DVD, much like Fuller’s much beloved but also prematurely canceled Wonderfalls. I also really enjoyed his show Dead Like Me.  Epiphany: Bryan Fuller is my Joss Whedon.

But the time has come to shut the Pie Hole. {that’s what she said?}

Sad little sigh. Will you be tuning in for the final episodes?

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