The Great Grow-Out 08: 1 Month Update

Posted by on July 30, 2008 in Jackie, Personal | 0 comments

Mere weeks ago I had a faux hawk, followed by some serious Wolverine action. Now a little over a month after embarking up the Great Grow-Out, I give you Flat and Feathered.

Apparently my hair is going through puberty; awkward growth spurts and an identity crisis.  Regardless, the girly girls at my office are having a field day with style and accessory tips, not to mention that I’ve received numerous offers for extreme makeovers. Um, thanks? Oh, and FYI, headbands are NOT for me. Not at this stage anyway. Yikes.

Recently, Jackie hosted a Head Shaving party to share the experience as she had her long hair cut and donated to Locks of Love. Every single man at that gathering (including her brothers-in-law and nephews, plus all of our co-workers and a few boyfriends/husbands) shaved their heads in solidarity; it was unbelievably touching and fantastic. So it is my pleasure to grow mine out for her, and the least I can do.

I heart Jackie, and she is making an amazing recovery from major surgery this week. Turk the Jerk (her brain tumor) is history.

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