Comic-Con 08: The Photos

Posted by on July 28, 2008 in Books, Comics, Television | 0 comments

Lost and the Dharma Initiative. Heroes and Pinehurst (the new ‘company’). Dexter. Max Brooks and zombies.  True Blood and Alan Ball. The X-Files. The original Bionic Woman. Peg Bundy. The Middle Man.

If you enjoy any of those people, shows, books, characters, etc., click here to view my photos from Comic-Con 2008.

I may be exhausted, overwhelmed, exhilarated and overstimulated, but the experience far exceeded my expectations. I would like to truly thank those of you who read along or sent encouraging emails and Tweets; they really made me feel like I wasn’t attending alone.  And a huge note of appreciation to my brother-in-law John, who not only drove several hours to join me on Friday, but promoted the hell out of my Lost blog while collecting swag for my nephews all day. I had as much fun watching him in action as I did attending most panels.

Phew. Bring on SDCC 2009.

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