Comic-Con 08: The Heroes Panel (with Photos)

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Although my first love is Lost, I am a huge Heroes fan as well. Fortunately, the Heroes panel at Comic-Con took place immediately prior to the Lost panel, in the same venue. And because I arrived before dawn to secure a seat, I had a great view of the panel and screens for both.


The entire cast was on hand, and we were treated to the debut of the first episode of Season 3. In a word? Stellar. A vast improvement from last season, and quite possibly the best episode of Heroes since the pilot. There were essential ‘wow’ moments, as well as some comic relief.  They have really kicked it up a notch with regard to advancing the story and growth of certain characters. 


It was obvious that Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) were fan favorites, as well as James Kyson Lee (Ando).

I’m not comfortable posting spoilers, but I definitely encourage all new and current Heroes fans to have faith and tune in when it comes back in September. It looks like the journey and ride will be more than worth your time and TiVO.


I also picked up this exclusive Heroes comic (created just for Comic-Con), which I haven’t had time to read. I may put it up for grabs in a future blog contest…

And here is my a cool new toy for my desk, the Future/Present double-sided Hiro bobblehead!


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