Callie & Hahn: It’s On (Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale)

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It’s all
about chemistry.


You can’t
help who you’re attracted to. It’s chemical, it’s human nature, it’s inevitable
and it’s beautiful. 


On Grey’s
, Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn are two of the finest surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital. They also happen to be drawn to one another in ways
that seem as surprising to them as they are to some of the fans.


Here is
what I love about this storyline:


I love
that their friendship and connection was established before May Sweeps; this
relationship was not a ratings stunt. The sexual tension between Callie and
Hahn is palpable; it’s all about chemistry.


I love
that after Hahn planted one on her in the elevator last week, Callie hesitated
before following Sloan rather than Hahn.


I love
that in last night’s finale, Callie was so flummoxed by her feelings for Hahn
that she just took a deep breath and kissed her because she wasn’t able to
express in simple words how she was feeling at that moment. We’ve all been
there, and it is fantastic to be on the receiving end of that passion. It’s all
about chemistry.


I love
that Hahn kissed her back.


I love
that the writers have handled their story with respect and grace. We do not
know if Hahn is gay, and up until now, we’ve only seen Callie date men. Both of
them may turn out to be bisexual or lesbian or neither, but it’s not important
to label their relationship at this stage. Not everyone is fortunate enough to
figure out exactly who they are from birth or early on; for some, it only
becomes obvious much later in life. It’s all about chemistry, and it isn’t
always easy to find and/or admit.


I also
love that the writers do not back down when faced with negative fan feedback. They
didn’t fold when the George/Izzie outrage was deafening, and they won’t give in
now. With Callie and Hahn, they have provided us with the opportunity to cheer
for yet another equally challenging and entertaining relationship. Their interaction will
look and feel familiar, regardless of whom you happen to share your life with. It’s
all about chemistry.


Gay and
lesbian characters are prevalent on most television and cable networks now, and
it is refreshing to watch a slice of my own reality unfold onscreen. That
Shonda Rhimes and the Grey’s writing staff have so accurately presented the
beginning of a relationship and true chemistry between two women on TV is brave
and encouraging. They are changing the lives of countless women and men of all
ages who have not had the courage to admit who they are just yet, teenagers and
adults alike who might be more likely to actually talk about it because a
similar situation presented itself on their favorite show.

I applaud the actors and everyone involved with Grey’s Anatomy for taking us down this path, and look forward to the next season more than ever before.

I originally wrote a lengthy response to the general ire that many have expressed about Callie and Hahn on various message boards since last night’s season finale aired. However, it became too personal and I didn’t want to sound preachy, so I chose not to post it.

For those of you who are also fans of the show, I encourage you to read Grey Matter, the official Grey’s Anatomy writers’ blog.  Creator and show runner Shonda Rhimes wrote the finale, and she blogged about it there. I also recommend Grey’s Anatomy News, a great fan and news site for all things Seattle Grace.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for reading.

- Jo

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