Rome If You Want To: Live-Blogging the Ugly Betty Season Finale

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I rarely do this, because…

  1. I hate commercials and am spoiled by fast-forward
  2. It’s not as exciting to read if it’s not actually posted ‘live’ in real time; I’m sure you’re reading this days later

However, given that my usual Thursday evenings are devoted entirely to Lost, I find myself with more time on my hands. So here we are and here we go.

[sidenote: I also avoid spoilers for favorite shows at all costs. it is far more enjoyable watching  everything unfold and reacting to it accordingly.]

Seriously?! Lindsday Lohan, and in the first scene? There’s sweeps and stunt casting, and then there’s this. What happened to the talented young actress who ruled Mean Girls? I don’t know..this reeks of rehabbing her image (pun intended). The real question is – did she ask to be on the show or was she asked?

Ok, I love Freddy Rodriguez. Six Feet Under is one of my favorite shows of all time, but it’s nice to see him in a more expressive role.  And frankly, I find him to be a far better character match for Betty than Henry was.

And then there’s Judith Light. Yes, I watched Who’s the Boss back in the day, and she’s still fabulous. I like that they’ve expanded her character to more than occasional appearances.

Eddie Cibrian – good casting and chemistry with Hilda. I’m also a fan of the new and improved Hilda. Between the two of them, that is a hell of lot of dimples.

As for Eric Mabius…I loathed how his character transitioned into a class-A tool on The L Word, so it took me a long time to adjust to him as Daniel on Ugly Betty. But he plays the not-too-sharp straight man pretty convincingly on this show.

Mark and Amanda are like the new Jack and Karen (from Will & Grace), except more flamboyant every single time. I love listening to Michael Urie and Becky Newton’s podcast/vodcast on iTunes. Those two are hysterical. Go check it out for yourselves.

America Ferrera is fearless.  Such a cute girl, such a terrible wardrobe.

Are they already edging Rebecca Romijn out? She’s barely had any scenes lately, and now just seems to appear in scenes without much to say. She’s another brave one…not many actresses (let alone supermodels) would have the guts to play a transgendered character. She more than pulled it off.

Bribery via softball. Now that’s a new one.

Vanessa Williams is the queen of camp. She truly enjoys this role and vamps it up with every ounce of her being.

Do you shorten words too? Natch for naturally, tots for totally. I admit, sometimes I do. As an anal retentive Lit major who always bitches about the desecration of the English language, I should hang my head in shame.

How old is Gio supposed to be?

Doesn’t he know that he’s the rebound guy? Rome, huh?

Oh jeez, Daniel has a son. Shocker. Yawn. He’s a man-whore, what do you expect? Will the little French kid now be on the show next season? DNA test, Daniel. It’s not rocket science.

It’s like on Lost, when Walt’s mom died. He was then stuck with dad Michael. Or not.

There you go, big boy. A blood test. What a surprise, they said the results would return in a few weeks…which is true.

Could they have picked a boy who looked less like Daniel?

It’s nice to see that even after Justin grew up, he hasn’t changed a bit. Not his passions, not his love for fashion, not his mannerisms. Refreshing. But I do NOT like skinny jeans on anyone, especially men.

Henry completes the triangle. Reappears conveniently. With a ring. Um…don’t do it Betty. Obviously she won’t. The show is moving to NY, not Tucson. And don’t forget about his psycho baby mama.

Let’s see, marry the nerdy hot accountant and relocate to Arizona, or start anew with a man who adores you in the city where you work and live with your family. WWBD? What will Betty do?

LOL. Little Orphan Danny.

Um, Judith Light resembles Tweety Bird in that outfit.

You go, Hilda.

Betty is like a Greek chorus; always speaking the truth, even when unsolicited.

Do we know why Gio is going to Rome?

If I did wear dresses, I’d totally be drawn to the ones with pockets.

Are we even going to see Christina tonight, or find out about her husband’s health?

Here we go…Coach has a bombshell. Lame!  That’s a shame of a storyline.

I smell a Mets or Yankees game in that kid’s future.

There is such a strong sense of family at the core of this show. It’s not subtle but it’s not preachy either. Kind of sweet, actually.

Oh here we go, the softball game. Cue the Naomi Campbell cameo.

Mark’s shorts…oh my.

No one looks good in those uniforms. Just like professional baseball players, ditch the white pants and tucked in jerseys.

Man fight?! Let’s hope so. Bring it, boys. [aside: favorite onscreen man fights have included: Aidan v. Big on Sex & the City and Hugh Grant v. Colin Firth in Bridget Jones' Diary]

Perfect. They’re playing a new Madonna song during Naomi Campbell’s appearance.

LOL. They all ducked when she pulled out her cell phone. Way to be self-deprecating, NC. Another image makeover? Check.

Is anyone going to watch The Mole when it returns this summer? Not me.

Tell me this scene is a dream. Regarding Henry? Eh.

Ok good. Dream sequence.

When in Rome, Betty…

Love the stock footage backdrops in both scenes. Cheap yet effective.

More Madonna.

Geez, hasn’t Hilda been through enough? Why prolong her happiness?

I see…Rebecca Romijn’s character will be pushed out by mommy.

Will this be like the series finale of Felicity, where we see Betty get into a cab but we aren’t sure whether she’s headed toward Henry or Gio? I hope not. p.s. I was always on Team Noel.

Indeed it is. Oh well.

I enjoyed this episode, but it wasn’t exactly suspenseful. I think I prefer dramatic season finales much better.

I was going to live-blog the Grey’s Anatomy finale as well, but I’d rather pay more attention to the show.

Good night!

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