Welcome Back: Bones, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s, House, Lost, Ugly Betty

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For the most part, many shows are just returning this week with new episodes of post-Writers Strike television.  And boy am I happy to see them again.

Here is an update, and a few fun related links to pass the time until your favorite shows grace the airwaves [warning: read at your own risk; most of these sites contain spoilers].

The series debuted again last week, and airs Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. Baby-faced John Francis Daly (Freaks & Geeks) has been a great addition to the cast.

4/21: “Player Under Pressure”
4/28: “The Baby in the Bough”
Fan site: Searching Bones

Returned last night, airs Sunday nights on ABC at 10pm. I can’t wait to find out if Ken Olin’s character is Rebecca’s real dad, and how that will affect her relationship with Justin. One of the best ensemble casts on television, and Danny Glover has been icing on the cake.

4/27: “Double Negative”
Production blog: Bloggers and Sisters

Begins again this week on ABC, will air regularly on Thursday nights at 9pm.

4/24: “Where the Wild Things Are”
Writers blog: Grey Matter

Returns next week, airs Monday nights at 9pm on FOX. Let’s hope they bring back Cut-Throat Bitch for the remainder of the season.

4/28: “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
Fan site: House is Right

Fortunately for Lost fans, the hiatus has only been a few weeks long. The new batch of episodes for Season 4 begins this Thursday (now in the 10pm time slot on ABC), and here is the tentative schedule:

4/24: “The Shape of Things to Come”
5/1: “Something Nice Back Home”
5/8, episode 4.11
5/15, episode 4.12: Season Finale, Part 1
5/29, episodes 4.13 & 4.14: Season Finale, Parts 2 & 3
My blog: Get LOST with JOpinionated


Returns this week, airs every Thursday at 8pm on ABC.

4/24: “Twenty Four Candles”
5/1: “Burning Questions”
Fan site: Ugly Betty News

I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but I know that it starts up again tonight as well. What am I missing?

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