Random Friday: New Releases, Returning Shows & a Neti Pot

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Is it me, or does there seem to be a serious drought in quality movies and television right now?

Usually the crap movies debut shortly after the Oscars, and the potential blockbusters and award-winners are released later in the year so they are remembered and considered. But it’s almost April, and I feel like we’re stranded in the arid entertainment desert without an oasis; no country for old men, women or children.

The only films I’m interested in shelling out $10 for in the next month or so include George Clooney’s Leatherheads with John Krasinski from The Office, and Smart People with Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page and Sarah Jessica Parker. I will more than likely wind up waiting to rent them both, but I like to pretend that I get out more than I actually do.

Obviously the Writers Strike has affected the current television landscape, and we’re experiencing a lull between new episodes of many popular shows. It doesn’t help that new series’ are being prematurely yanked after only one or two episodes or moved to a different date/time, before we’re given a chance to date and fall in love. I’m disappointed with Fox’s decision to essentially kill Canterbury’s Law by moving it to Friday nights; it is a pretty decent series and I like Julianna Margulies. And where will Cashmere Mafia wind up, if it even returns at all?

I have also been enjoying new episodes of Top Chef and The Riches while watching the unaired remainder of the canceled series Kitchen Confidential on Hulu (clearly I have a thing for Bonnie Somerville).

But enough of the gloom and doom; many shows are coming back very soon. For a complete list, see Maureen Ryan’s excellent summary.

April 3: My Name Is Earl

April 7: Samantha Who?

April 10: The Office

April 10: 30 Rock   

April 10: Scrubs

April 13: Desperate

April 14: Bones

April 20: Brothers and Sisters

April 24: Grey’s Anatomy

April 24: Lost (2nd half of Season 4)

April 24: Ugly Betty

April 28: House

If I come across as cranky, let’s blame the sinus bubble that has taken up residence behind my right eye. Good times!

Oh, and my healthy holistic friends suggest that I purchase and use a Neti Pot, which supposedly cleans up your sinuses for an entire allergy season.

Yeah…I’m probably not going to buy some hippie genie lamp to stick up my nose and filter water through the other side. Seriously.  Click on this demo with the zombie woman. It freaks me out, and I couldn’t help but create this little ditty as I watched it with morbid curiosity:

I’m a little teapot, short and stout.
Stick me up your nose, then pour your nasal out.

Um, no thanks.

Have a nice weekend!

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