Not Oscar or TiVO-Worthy; CRASH Resurfaces

Posted by on January 29, 2008 in Film, Television | 0 comments

Ugh. That was my reaction upon hearing that, and it hurts me to say this out loud, the Oscar-winning film Crash is going to be made into a cable television series. It didn’t work on the big screen, and I doubt it will work on the small one.

TV show for Starz will be co-written and directed by original
helmer/screenwriter Paul Haggis, and Don Cheadle is the only film
character who has signed up for this version thus far.

To this day, my distaste for Crash and the inexplicable Oscar victory that followed still lingers like garlic on day two. Yuck.

I won’t rehash my feelings about the movie two years later, but I still believe that it didn’t deserve Best Picture. Not that year, not any year. Brokeback Mountain did. Capote did. Good Night, and Good Luck did.

Very few people seem to share my opinion about Crash, and most vehemently disagree. Case in point? The film is the most popular rental on Netflix. It makes me insane.

I stand by my assertion that Brokeback Mountain should have earned the golden statue instead of Crash, and it will go down in history as one of the best motion pictures of all time. Both were controversial and important, but only one was groundbreaking and meaningful.

Let’s open up the floodgates…will you watch the show? Did you love the film? Be honest. I can take it.

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