Best Actress/Actor: La Vie En Rose & There Will Be Blood

Posted by on January 26, 2008 in Film | 0 comments

Last night we watched La Vie En Rose, and I understood immediately why Marion Cotillard was nominated for Best Actress. The film itself is uneven and a tad boring, but Cotillard’s physical transformation into legendary French singer Edith Piaf is stunning. Piaf’s life was short and tragic, and Cotillard’s portrayal of the troubled star is phenomenal.

The only other Best Actress nominee that I’ve seen is Ellen Page, and as much as I just love her and Juno, the statuette belongs to Cotillard.

This afternoon we saw There Will Be Blood, and it only furthered my belief that Daniel Day-Lewis is quite possibly the most talented actor of his generation or mine. This is quite a movie, an epic, a potential classic; dark, desolate and dusty but very compelling. I am both baffled and very impressed that Paul Thomas Anderson directed Boogie Nights and Magnolia before this saga, not to mention the disaster that was Punch Drunk Love.

In the Best Actor category, Viggo was just okay, Clooney was good, and I’m sure that Depp and Tommy Lee Jones were both great as well, but Day-Lewis was absolutely mesmerizing and should be the clear winner.

Next up, No Country For Old Men at the theater and Away From Her on DVD.

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