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I hate that we only make resolutions at the end of each year, as we reflect back on what we didn’t accomplish (again) while looking forward to a new year of possibilities. That being said, I always play along. 

Here is my wish list for 2008:

  1. The Writer’s Strike ends on their terms; they receive fair compensation for their work via digital distribution and also earn an additional $.04 more per DVD sold.
  2. A blue president.
  3. Normal weather. More rain, fewer fires (at least in CA).
  4. A greener effort by all; environmental advances by individuals and companies alike.
  5. World peace? Peace in the Middle East?

And the personal stuff:

  1. More reading, more writing (at least 3-4 blog entries per week) & increased readership.
  2. Health and healing; full recovery from back surgery and return to an active lifestyle.
  3. The annual goals: lose weight, use that gym membership, yada yada yada.
  4. The Oakland A’s contend. That’s all. No expectations of a division championship or beyond.
  5. Fabulous family time on both continents with all 11 nieces & nephews, 5 sets of brother & sister in-laws, both pairs of parents and my hero/idol/role model (my 97 year old grandmother).

Happy New Year, friends and readers.

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