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Oh friends, I have a confession to make. Let’s start with the good news though.

Two weeks after back surgery, I feel MUCH better. I can walk around comfortably, and sitting down for longer than 15 minutes at a time is less painful every day. I am also practicing driving, as I prepare to go back to work next week. Considering how horrible the first two days were following the procedure, I couldn’t be happier with the progress of my recovery. And believe it or not, I’m tired of feeling stoned all day (in a prescribed-medicine kind of way), so as my re-entry back into the workplace and behind the wheel approaches, I am easing off of the good stuff.

And now, for the disappointing news…at least to the 14 of you who were nice enough to enter my Recommend a Movie/Win a Movie contest. I am a bum. I haven’t watched very many of the films that you suggested. Here are some excuses.

  1. I couldn’t drive to the video store to stock up on rentals.
  2. I am somewhat cheap; my Netflix subscription is only for 1 DVD at a time.
  3. I am lazy. I started to TiVO tons of movies I haven’t seen, and VERY few of the ones you recommended have been on cable lately.
  4. I have been watching at least two episodes of Lost (Season 3) per day, taking detailed notes in anticipation of a Season 4 preview blog next month. Nerd alert!

So I am extending this contest into the new year. Even though I won’t have as much time after returning to work, I plan to watch all of your selections. Obviously it will take a few months to get through all 35 movies, so I thank you in advance for you patience!

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