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Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas. I hope your holiday has been lovely so far. I am quite a happy camper myself, having received the following:

  • Season 3 of Lost
  • Season 3 of The Office
  • Knocked Up
  • Waitress

Combined with two seasons of The Sopranos and Season 2 of Extras, which I gave to my better half, our DVD collection has taken a major leap in the right direction.

So the strangest thing has happened; I have returned to an old but familiar hobby…reading. Actual books. For the first time in years, I am buried in books rather than glued to my laptop. Don’t get me wrong; I love reading and majored in World Literature, so perhaps I have been subconsciously rebelling against the ridiculous number of tomes that I ingested during those four years of college. And I’m sure that this renewed interest is a result of having more time on my hands than usual, and slowing down in general. But I am absolutely loving it.

I recently picked up and am in the middle of reading Eat Pray Love, which is easily one of my favorite books in recent memory. But I’ve reached the spiritual India section, and wanted something on the lighter side for the holiday.

This afternoon I took my first long walk since having surgery. I went to the bookstore and bought Candy Girl, an autobiographical and very entertaining look at a year in the life of Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody…back when she was a stripper in the Midwest. I’ve been obsessed with seeing Juno and haven’t been able to go due to physical limitations, so this was the next best thing. And let me tell you, I can’t put this one down. It is postpone-my-pain-meds-so-I-can-stay-focused good. Her writing and her story are very forthright and refreshing, and I am now certain that Cody deserves every bit of the hype being hurled in her direction. I also recommend her blog, which is just as deliciously frank.

After re-reading that I now have Knocked Up and Waitress on DVD and that I can’t wait to see Juno, it might appear that I am fascinated by pregnancy. Mere coincidence, I assure you.

Happy holidays! Let me know what your favorite gift was, and if you have any book recommendations as well.

- Jo

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