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It was inevitable that the cast of Deadwood would move on to new shows and films. I am a huge fan and they deserve the exposure. But to be perfectly honest, I have not adjusted to seeing them all so…clean.

We’ve spotted many Deadwood regulars (and memorable characters) in movies and on other TV shows, and clearly there are casting directors out there who share the love for the now-defunct HBO series and its stars:

  • Silas Adams: Gone Baby Gone, Jericho, Law & Order, NCIS, Numb3rs, Shark
  • Blazanov: CSI NY, Chuck
  • Martha Bullock: Boston Legal
  • Sheriff Seth Bullock: Catch & Release, Hitman, Live Free or Die Hard
  • Johnny Burns: Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI
  • Calamity Jane: The Good German, Law & Order SVU, Life, Lost, Numb3rs, Things We Lost in the Fire, The Unit
  • Dan Dority: Numb3rs
  • Ellsworth: Big Love, Criminal Minds, CSI, John From Cincinnati, Supernatural, The Unit
  • EB Farnum: Life
  • Alma Garret: Hollywoodland, The Wicker Man
  • George Hearst: Jericho
  • Hostetler: The Bill Engvall Show, Daddy Day Camp, General Hospital, How I Met Your Mother, Norbit
  • Leon: Hollywoodland, The Riches, State of Mind, Two and a Half Men
  • Harry Manning: In the Valley of Elah, Life, Without a Trace
  • Tom Nuttall: Gridiron Gang, Saving Grace
  • Con Stapleton: Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, John From Cincinnati
  • Sol Star: American Gangster, CSI, Without a Trace
  • Steve: Life, The Unit
  • Joanie Stubbs: Lost, Numb3rs
  • Al Swearengen: Hot Rod, We Are Marshall
  • Cy Tolliver: 24
  • Trixie: Cold Case, Criminal Minds, ER, John From Cincinnati, Lost
  • Charlie Utter: CSI, John From Cincinnati
  • Frances Walcott: The 4400, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Damages, ER, John From Cincinnati, Law & Order, Life, No Country For Old Men, Numb3rs
  • Wild Bill Hickok: Dexter
  • Mr. Wu: Crank, John From Cincinnati, The War at Home, The Young and the Restless

So tell me, fellow Deadwood fanatics, who am I missing and where did you spot them?

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