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I have seen a fair number of movies in my lifetime, primarily from the late 1970′s to the present.

But I need your help…

I am having minor surgery in December and will have at least a week at home during recovery. Of course I will spend most of that time sleeping and watching DVDs. I am seeking recommendations from YOUR favorite films of all time, from any genre or year. You can check to see if I’ve already seen your choice(s) here.

If I watch a movie that you suggest and I absolutely love it, I will buy you that film or another DVD of your choice.

Here are the caveats:

  1. Your recommendation(s) must be currently available on DVD
  2. You must list your suggestions as a comment
  3. All submissions must be posted by 12/1/07
  4. Only one person will win
  5. The winner may choose a DVD with a retail value of $30 or less

So bring it on, people. Whether it be an obscure indie or testosterone-laden blockbuster, I’m game if I haven’t seen it yet.

Sound good?

Thank you in advance for playing.

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