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Like every other geeky TV fan, I am very excited for the Season 2 premiere of Heroes tonight. I have two choices – watch it live and suffer through the commercials, or TiVo it and watch later tonight. Tough call for favorite shows.

I have never owned a comic book. But my inner sci-fi soul loves a superhero. And the only movie franchise that continues to disappoint is Spider-Man. Actually, that is putting it mildly. I recently sat through Spider-Man 3, and it was shockingly awful. I was laughing out loud, and the movie isn’t funny at all. I’ve never witnessed two lead actors with less chemistry, and Maguire and Dunst should be embarrassed by their performances (regardless of the obscene paychecks). It’s no secret that they do NOT like each other offscreen, and the tension between them in the film is both painfully obvious and uncomfortable.  And yes, I realize that writer/director Sam Raimi is the king of intermingling camp with the dark side (see: The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness), but the screenplay for Spider-Man 3 was horrible. Watching Maguire dance was excruciating and soared far beyond jumping the shark. And for the love of orthodontics, someone needs to direct Dunst to a dentist, stat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – visibly wayward teeth are not charming in hi-def, and she can afford it.

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