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I don’t think that many people care anymore, let alone those of you who read this blog (zero comments so far on this issue), but I am both entertained and mortified by Isaiah Washington’s decision to continue opening up to the press.

Here is the latest:

Last week, he suggested that TR Knight should have been fired from Grey’s Anatomy instead of him. And now he is suggesting that TR Knight created and executed the first half of a major conspiracy to have both Washington and Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey removed from the show.

Holy sh*t.  I used to work in PR, and it is quite obvious that he either ignored or failed basic Media Training. Miserably.

I realize that this is a sensitive and controversial issue, but I would love to know what YOU think because I feel like a party of one as I react to each asinine statement that comes out of Washington’s mouth. 

Bring it on.

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