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I very rarely delve into celebrity gossip and speculation, but…

File under: Oh no.

I hope the rumor that John Krasinski (The Office) and Renee Zellweger are dating is another instance of the ‘working together on a film, spotted having coffee’ variety. Right now they’re filming Leatherheads, which is written, directed by and co-starring George Clooney. I am happy to see Krasinski hit the big time, with this film and the upcoming License to Wed with Mandy Moore and Robin Williams. AND yes, I realize that Zellweger is an Oscar-winning actress. But I am looking at her famous ex-boyfriend track record (see: Kenny Chesney, Jack White, Jim Carrey), and I have the right to be protective of my favorite Office man.

File under: Oh no, part 2.

Apparently, Edward Norton has signed on to play Bruce Banner in the new Incredible Hulk (which, thankfully, will be entirely unrelated to Ang Lee’s aberration adaptation in 2003). It’s not that I can’t picture Norton in the role; after all, he certainly proved his physical adaptability in the incredible American History X.

I’m just hoping that as talented as he is, he’ll reinvigorate the big screen adpatation of the comic; more of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins than Tobey Maguire’s lifeless Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

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