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Patricia Clarkson

James Gandolfini

Anthony Hopkins

Jude Law

Sean Penn

Mark Ruffalo

Kate Winslet


How on earth is a film starring this list of seriously talented actors so painful to watch? Based on the cast alone, last year I predicted it to be an Oscar contender come this Sunday.



Horrible New Orleans accents and poor pacing are only two of the reasons why I actually turned it off less than halfway through. It is VERY rare that I abandon a movie, especially one that features (however briefly) my favorite, Kate Winslet. Sadly, I found myself thinking about how much Sean Penn and his hair resemble Patrick Dempsey most of the time…



Director Steven Zallian should stick to screenwriting; he won an Academy Award for writing Schindler’s List, and earned two other nominations for Gangs of New York and Awakenings.  He has also scripted The Falcon and the Snowman, Clear and Present Danger,Hannibal and The Interpreter, among others.


Of the many Producers on this film, one name stands out: Todd Phillips, who directed Old School and co-wrote Borat. Random.


Current Oscar nominee and comeback kid Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children) has a small role in the movie as well. Not much else is at all notable.

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