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I am absolutely exhausted and my sinuses are severely swollen. But it was more than worth it!   I have just returned from three days at the Sundance Film Festival. And do I have details to share with you!


Later this week I will review the two movies I saw yesterday. Right now I am too tired, and all I can handle are the photos and star sightings.


First of all, here is proof of just how cold it/I was. I was attempting to photograph a building across the street, but my breath got in the way.

Here is the requisite photo of the infamous Egyptian Theater on Main Street, where I saw two films.

And here is why I captured so few photos of the famous. The crowds on Saturday were insane and we had more luck across the street, where celebrities were purposefully avoiding said crowds.

We happened upon a swag lounge, where actors and actresses were given bags and bags full of free goods from companies hoping that they’ll be photographed wearing or using those products.  There was a bodyguard at the front door, and the first person to emerge was Ione Skye. I fought the urge to hold a boombox above my head and serenade her with Peter Gabriel schmaltz. Instead, we took her picture and that was that.

Minutes later, however, we ran right into John Cusack! If only they were there at the same time! An accidental Say Anything reunion would have made my day. Alas, Cusack was quickly ushered into an SUV before we could snap a photo. But he was our most A-level sighting of the day, and we loved it.


It appears that I am a reality TV magnet. First, I recognized David from Real World: Seattle walking by. He was more than happy to stop and pose for the camera. Apparently he is a fifth grade math teacher now.


A little while later, I met the winner of first season of The Apprentice, Bill Rancic, and his fiancé, E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi. They were incredibly nice.


Next, the very strange Crispin Glover briskly walked by. Known primarily for mainstream franchises like Back to the Future (McFly!) and Charlie’s Angels, Glover has transitioned into a writer/director of darker independent films.


This is actress Vera Farmiga, who was sporting a new look but you might know her as the only female lead in The Departed. She was also polite and didn’t seem to mind that she wasn’t being recognized by the throngs of fans stalking the swag doors.

Although it was from a distance, I was able to get a photo of Ellen Page (Hard Candy, X-Men: The Last Stand) after a screening of her new movie An American Crime. Her performance was incredible and she is going to be one hell of an actress.

Other star sightings that do not have accompanying photos included: Illene Chaiken (creator/executive producer of The L Word) and former child actor Chad Allen (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), who has a film premiering at Sundance later this week.


Overall, we spent 14 hours at Sundance yesterday. It snowed and the temperature dropped precipitously, but it was good exercise and an experience I’ll never forget. As a matter of fact, I’d like to make it an annual trip, but would like to stay for the entire week next time.


Stay tuned later this week for full reviews of the incredible Catherine Keener and Ellen Page in An American Crime, the Australian crime film Noise, and a few short films as well.

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