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Arrested Development


Grey’s Anatomy


Rescue Me


Six Feet Under

The Sopranos


What do these shows have in common? Oh, nothing much. Just that they were ignored by an academy of voters who clearly don’t appreciate spectacular casts and performances, brilliant direction and stellar writing. The conspiracy theorist in me is beginning to question the validity of the Emmy voting system, as I’m sure are the millions of rabid, dedicated fans of these shows who also feel that their beloved programs were unjustly jilted in all major categories.


I went to bed angry. I know, it’s sad that a few hours of television can affect me to that extent. But with the exception of the two trophies that made sense and went to deserving parties (The Office – Best Comedy Series and Jeremy Piven – Entourage), I thought the Emmy Awards were awful.  The entire night, from red carpet to rushed ending, was a train wreck that left a bad taste in my mouth; very disappointing from a pop culture perspective. 


Am I a party of one on this one?  

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