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Here are my honest, unedited thoughts, written as I followed Sunday night’s Emmy Awards….


I am looking forward to two things: Conan O’Brien hosting and the awkward ‘Tori Spelling v. her family’ moment during the Tribute to Aaron.


I didn’t get the memo that Purple is ‘the’ color.


Goddaughters are the new daughters. See: Jon Voight and Barry Manilow. What, your own daughters weren’t available? Couldn’t get a date??

I heart Tim Gunn. I love impersonating his voice while reading his blog out loud after each episode of Project Runway every week.

First Impression: DRESSES



Paula Abdul (Unflattering floral & pearl combo)

Tyra Banks

Candice Bergen

Lorraine Bracco

Blythe Danner

Eva Longoria

Debra Messing (Too white to wear without a tan)

Jeremy Piven (An ascot…really?)

Ellen Pompeo (Slick hair…yikes)

Leah Remini

Kyra Sedgwick (Love her, not the dress)



Portia de Rossi (Where’s Ellen?)

Cheryl Hines (Are those jewels glued on her back?)

Heidi Klum (Pregnant or not, this was kind of bland for the Runway Queen)

Lisa Kudrow

Evangeline Lily

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Sandra Oh

Kim Raver

Kate Walsh (Beautiful otherwise)



Annette Bening (Very classy and age appropriate, which is rare & appreciated)

Felicity Huffman

Kathryn Heigl

Jane Kaczmarek

Virginia Madsen

Helen Mirren (Ditto my comments about Bening)

Jaime Pressly

Alfre Woodard


Ok, the show is starting. Conan is doing a LOST parody! I love it!!  Hurley!  I love the nomination snub reference. OMG! The Office! This is the best skit ever. Jim! Pam! I am dying. Now they’re on to 24. And House.  South ParkThe closet! I can’t believe they’re referencing the Tom Cruise episode. Awesome. Now Dateline.  


So far, so good. Nice work, Conan.  


Wow, I still can’t believe that Ducky (Jon Cryer) is on a hit show. Not that I know anyone who watches Two and a Half Men.


Ah, the first obligatory Mel Gibson joke, met with mixed and somewhat uncomfortable applause…followed by the first obligatory gay joke, met with a similar response. Come on Conan, kick it up a notch. Ok there you go – making fun of Charlie Sheen. Not a candidate for father of the year.


For a guy who has a show on NBC, Conan sure is making fun of his own network an awful lot.


The cameras are only showing actors from NBC shows for reaction shots now. Yawn.


Oh good, McDreamy and Zellweger’s doppelganger are first to present.


That’s not nice, cutting off Mullally’s speech with music one minute into it.


I have missed Julia Louis-Dreyfus. If only her new show didn’t have a laugh track!


Ah, the Sheens. Fake banter. Painful.


I am very frustrated by the fact that brief scenes for all major nominations are not being shown; why on earth aren’t there scenes from the Supporting Actress in a Drama Series?


Did Blythe Danner really just use the phrase ‘my golly’ on national television? Twice?!


So far, this show has been horrible except for Conan’s opening skit. The music has been rudely interrupting the acceptance speeches and they are so concerned with coming in under three hours that they’re rushing through and it’s messy.


I love that Jason Lee’s hair and mustache are in character, even when he’s in a tux and off set.  Jaime Pressly should have won her category.


Jeremy Piven totally deserves the award and was surprisingly emotional. The recognition is long overdue.


Although the Christopher Meloni bit was funny, it still takes time away from the actual winners. I’m not sure how much more I can take without fast-forwarding my TiVO.


I admit to not caring about any of the Miniseries categories this year, and thus not writing about them.


What’s with the scenes being shown on iPods and cell phones? This is not getting any better.


The editing of this show is HORRIBLE.


I’ve made an executive decision. I am not going to blog anymore, except about the major category winners. This sucks, and this show is both boring and frustrating. Such a letdown (I do love my award shows).



WINNER: Tony Shaloub. Again. Unreal. I am so tired of people winning for shows that no one watches.



WINNER: The Pivs (Jeremy Piven)! Sweet!



WINNER: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Wow. Good for her, but sad for Lisa Kudrow, who’s return to television was spectacular. If you didn’t watch The Comeback, go rent it now. Painfully hilarious.



WINNER: Megan Mullally. Admittedly, she was the best thing about Will & Grace. Where was Sarah Chalke’s nomination for Scrubs? That girl is pretty damn funny.



WINNER: Kiefer Sutherland. I know he is Mr. 24, but Denis Leary was robbed. His character on Rescue Me is both mesmerizing and disturbing. That show makes for great television.  



WINNER: Alan Alda. He isn’t even there. Yawn. At least it wasn’t Shatner again.



WINNER: Mariska Hargitay. Does she deserve it? Yes. But in a weak category this year I think Frances Conroy outshined all of the others. It is also a damn shame that Edie Falco was not nominated, as her performance last season on The Sopranos was incredible.



WINNER: Blythe Danner, Paltrow’s mommy. Again. Who watched Huff before it was canceled? Anyone?



WINNER: The Office! Finally – a deserving win. Genius.






WINNER: The Amazing Race. Fourth time in a row. The production and entertainment value of this particular reality show is impressive, but I have watched every season of Survivor and am infatuated with Project Runway.



WINNER: My Name is Earl. It’s a good show, but in my opinion, the writing is better on Arrested Development. Bonus points: the writer who won for Earl had the best speech of the evening.



WINNER: The Sopranos. Again, a great show, but in the writing category I’d give the edge to Lost and Six Feet Under.


To sum up, I am very disappointed. The nominations, for the most part, had major omissions and the winners prove that I have absolutely no idea who votes for these people (clearly not folks who watch the same amazing shows I do). The show was horribly edited and rushed, and I’ve never wanted to turn off an awards show before tonight.


As for my personal Emmy predictions, they represented wishful thinking at best. Only 2 of my 13 picks won. At least The Office won for Comedy Series. That is THE only redeeming moment from these three hours of dull schlock.


Conan did an average job, and the Aaron Spelling tribute didn’t even feature any of his family members.  My favorite part was the first five minutes – Conan’s opening montage.


Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Six Feet Under were all shut out in all major categories. Now that is a sad statement.  


And now for the most outrageous portion of the evening. Why is it that when announcing the nominees, most of the clips shown were for the men nominated in each category? Seriously. How freakin’ sexist is that?! Winners for both Actress in a Comedy (Louis-Dreyfus) and Actress in a Drama (Hargitay) – no scenes. But both Actor in a Comedy (Shaloub) and Actor in a Drama (Sutherland) – brief scenes from their shows were shown. I don’t get it; then again, I didn’t get how the voting rules changed this year and didn’t anticipate just how far from grace this show had fallen.

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