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Two well-known writer/directors (Joss Whedon and James Gunn) posted their selections for Favorite 25 TV Characters Ever on their blogs. As a huge fan of lists, I wanted to play along.


So here are my choices, in alphabetical order of course. Admittedly, most of my favorites are from recent shows and I am totally showing my age, but I reserve the right to make additions should they come to me at a later date!


Here are their rules:

No puppet or cartoon characters

No miniseries

No reality show folks

All characters must be ‘regulars’


1.       Elaine Benes – SEINFELD

2.      Sydney Bristow – ALIAS

3.      Phoebe Buffay – FRIENDS

4.      Carol Burnett – THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW (the rules don’t say anything about variety shows)

5.      Calamity Jane – DEADWOOD

6.      Angela Chase – MY SO-CALLED LIFE

7.      Laverne DeFazio – LAVERNE & SHIRLEY

8.      Claire Fisher – SIX FEET UNDER

9.      Ruth Fisher – SIX FEET UNDER

10.   Marshall Flinkman – ALIAS

11.    Tobias Fünke – ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

12.   Henry Gale – LOST (he will be a regular in Season 3, starting in Oct.)

13.   Tommy Gavin – RESCUE ME

14.   Ari Gold – ENTOURAGE

15.   Jim Halpert – THE OFFICE

16.   Miranda Hobbes – SEX & THE CITY

17.   Sayid Jarrah – LOST

18.   Frank Pembleton – HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET

19.   Jo Polniazek – FACTS OF LIFE

20.  Dr. Elliot Reid – SCRUBS

21.   Dwight Schrute – THE OFFICE

22.  Dana Scully – THE X FILES

23.  Andy Sipowicz – NYPD BLUE

24.  Carmela Soprano – THE SOPRANOS

25.  Al Swearengen – DEADWOOD


Runners up; ensemble casts that provided too many characters for me to choose from: ER (the early years), GREY’S ANATOMY, NIP/TUCK, OZ, THE WEST WING, and WILL & GRACE.


Thoughts? Additions? Omissions?

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