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I am in love with Deadwood. Openly. If you haven’t already, set your TiVo for a Season Pass. Trust me.


I am continually blown away by David Milch’s write-as-you-go script and the fiercely passionate and independent female characters. Milch, who also wrote Hill Street Blues and created NYPD Blue, has chosen to move on to new projects for HBO following this season of Deadwood, but at least the raw beauty of this powerful western will live on, on DVD.


Robin Weigert’s role as Calamity Jane is phenomenal and fun to watch, as is Paula Malcomson’s transformation of Trixie from high ranking whore to budding bank bookkeeper.  Add Kim Dickens’ portrayal of conflicted Madam Joanie Stubbs and Molly Parker’s stubborn Alma Garret, and this series packs one hell of a feminist punch. Seriously. In an era and location where prostitution is the number one occupation, these four women are constantly striving to rise above their circumstances and by doing so, each in their own way, they quietly and subtlety control the men and dictate the social climate of the camp.


Pop culture tidbit: Creator David Milch was a Yale fraternity brother of George W. Bush. Also, Geri Jewell, the actress with cerebral palsy who plays a saloon employee on Deadwood, was Blair’s cousin Geri on The Facts of Life.

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