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Most people prefer to watch a show or go to the movies without knowing much about what they’re going to see. It is safe to say that the viewing majority likes surprises. I, however, am drawn to Internet Spoilers like a car crash; I can’t help but slow down to look. Sites proudly boast about spilling the beans and spoiling plot points, sometimes months in advance of an actual airdate. And I bookmark these sites to keep in the loop and form my own theories. Believe it or not, this does not ruin the experience of watching my favorite shows. First of all, misinformation and errors are rampant and misleading (sometimes purposefully). Second, I enjoy trying to figure exactly how these Spoilers will unfold, and when.   


Spoilers tend to originate from extremely dedicated fans with connections in the media or industry, or from leaks directly (and stealthily) from network sources.


As for my part, as a Blogger and pop culture specialist, I promise not to post any Spoilers without an obnoxious and large disclaimer boldly announcing their arrival.

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