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Edward Norton is fantastic, one of the most gifted actors of his generation. No one saw it, but he directed and co-starred in the very funny Keeping the Faith (with Ben Stiller). He may have achieved cult status for his role in Fight Club, but my two favorites of his many stellar performances are in Primal Fear and American History X. Primal Fear was Norton’s first film, and his stunning debut was rewarded with a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination (Leonardo DiCaprio turned down this role, FYI). But he was robbed of the Best Actor Oscar for American History X by Roberto Benigni in Life is Beautiful in 1998. Norton was also great in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour and Woody Allen’s musical, Everyone Says I Love You. His talent outshines and overshadows Mark Wahlberg in The Italian Job, Robert DeNiro in The Score, and Matt Damon in Rounders. Ironically enough, Norton had auditioned for the lead that Damon won in The Rainmaker and also turned down the role of Private Ryan that Damon played in Saving Private Ryan. Norton seems to be selective and it pays off; he is one of the few actors whose movies inspire me to get my lazy ass to the theatre.

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