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When I look at my favorite movies of all time, there isn’t a specific genre that stands out or a common theme running throughout. Because I’m prone to making lists, I created a large one to compile and analyze statistics about my choices. I know, nerd alert.


A surprising fact arose from my silly research – Katie Holmes is in three of my top 40 films of all time. You have to remember that before she went on the Cruise, Holmes had memorable roles in several excellent yet underrated independent movies:


The Ice Storm (a highly intense family drama from Ang Lee)

Go (Doug Liman’s frenetic follow up to Swingers)

Wonder Boys (a clever, charming little film with a great cast)

The Gift (a thriller helmed by Sam Raimi & written by Billy Bob Thornton)

Pieces of April (Holmes’ first true leading role)

Thank You For Smoking (a very funny and scathing view of big tobacco, out in theatres now)   


Much to my chagrin, I must also admit to enjoying and owning several Tom Cruise movies. Thank goodness Spielberg directed Minority Report; it gives weight and value to my assertion that it’s a damn good sci-fi flick that just so happens to star a certain someone. And regardless of Cruise’s current popularity wane, I will continue to stick by my choice of Jerry Maguire as both one of his best and one of my favorites (Magnolia is a close second in my book).

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