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Last night I waited in line with several hundred people to attend a sneak preview of Thank You For Smoking, and because I am genetically programmed to be early to everything, I was able to secure a seat.


I’ll sum it up quickly – the movie is very entertaining, brought to life by a great cast and script. Rookie director Jason Reitman does an admirable job adapting Christopher Buckley’s book for the big screen. Lead actor Aaron Eckhart really shines as a smug tobacco lobbyist; it is as if the role were written specifically for him. Although he has appeared in many quality movies, Eckhart is probably recognized most from his role as Julia Roberts’ boyfriend in Erin Brockovitch. But fans of Neil LaBute’s darker films (Nurse Betty, Your Friends & Neighbors, etc.) have been well aware of Eckhart’s talent for several years. The supporting cast of Thank You for Smoking is also strong: the reliably wacky and brilliant William H. Macy (Fargo), the very underrated Mario Bello (The Cooler), a surprisingly funny Rob Lowe, a pre-Cruise Katie Holmes playing it dirty, the fantastically expressive JK Simmons (Oz), and ‘it’ boy Adam Brody from The OC. 

I recommend this film to anyone looking for a good laugh and a scathing, sarcastic glimpse into the world of big tobacco.

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