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I have not been watching the Winter Olympics. They only serve as an interruption to original programming, and force me to spend entirely too much time immersed in Project Runway and  Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet II marathons. Besides, Bode Miller is the most over-hyped athlete in recent memory, and women’s ice skating will never be as exciting as it was when Tanya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan’s knee whacked by a thug.  


Does the network really think that moving guilty-pleasure hit Las Vegas to Friday nights is a good idea? Friday is where shows are sent to die (case in point: The Book of Daniel), unless they’re family-themed, and even Joan of Arcadia was canned after residing there for a few years. This is NBC’s not-so-subtle way of letting the disgustingly good looking cast of Las Vegas know that the show is too expensive to produce; thus, a time slot move ensuring loss of dedicated viewers. That being said, a little show called The X-Files started out on Friday nights…


In yesterday’s entry, I forgot to mention another memorable gem from Sunday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy – seeing Burke dance with Yang. Goofy. Brief. Classic.


If you’re not watching The Office, you should be. Above and beyond Steve Carrell’s comic genius in movies like Anchorman and Bruce Almighty, he is absolutely hysterical on this show. The supporting cast couldn’t be better, and the writing is superb. I was thrilled to see NBC actually make a good move and send the show to Thursday nights, where it couples perfectly with My Name is Earl. If Rainn Wilson ever creeped you out as Arthur on Six Feet Under, rest assured he is an entirely different character on The Office. Check out his hilarious Dwight Schrute Office blog: http://blogs.nbc.com/office.

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