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I intended to continue my Emmy analysis, but I became distracted by the unveiling of the new fall TV season.  It is already blaringly obvious that I need to upgrade my TiVo because I am running out of space, taping a variety of new shows.

I don’t understand why ABC has given Alias the kiss of death by moving it opposite Survivor on Thursday nights at 8pm. Last year, Lost and Alias made for a fantastic Wednesday night combo, and I think the network has made a big mistake assuming that Lost fans will now stick around for Invasion instead. I would like to ask the suits at ABC if they made this decision after finding out that Jennifer Garner was pregnant, throwing in the towel and underestimating the strength of both her fan base and the strong Alias following. As a dedicated Survivor fan lacking the technology to watch one show while taping another, I have chosen to abandon Alias for the time being, and will begrudgingly wait until I can rent the entire season on DVD next year. In my opinion, the network is using Garner’s pregnancy as an excuse to end the show, though they will ultimately blame the demise on high production costs.

My thoughts about the season premiere of Lost are all over the map, and I’m not ready to put it all in writing. Yet. I have a whole new set of conspiracy theories and will work them out in my own head before subjecting them to you.

Please watch Arrested Development.  Because so few people are. Because the writing and acting are superb. Because Jason Bateman has emerged unscathed from the days of The Hogan Family and Teen Wolf Too to become an award-winning actor with great comedic timing. Because even though Portia de Rossi needs to eat a sandwich, she is pretty damn funny. Because Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat are two of the best teen actors on television, and you will squirm and giggle in anticipation with their awkward interaction. Because Jessica Walter is ten times funnier than Doris Roberts. And because David Cross is a cringe-worthy train wreck of a character, and you will never look at jean shorts the same way again.

I will continue to ramble on in a few days, but right now I am too preoccupied with the last week of the regular baseball season


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